Sales: job responsibilities and personal qualities of the employee

pretty popular position today is Sales.Duties of the employee are not only in the sale of goods.After all, how successful consultant directly dependent sales and prestige shop or salon.

Who was Sales?

Duties its usually very extensive.I must say that the employee is a very important link in the salon or shop.It should work effectively, not "wake up" the next customer to be aware of new products on the market, which is specialized store (eg, duties sales assistant clothing includes knowledge of all the latest "squeaks" fashion).Also, this person must "perfectly well" know your product, know how to interest the buyer of the product and sell it.

It should be noted that in the first months of the work for you as for the shop assistant will observe your boss.He will evaluate your communicative level, the ability to quickly establish contact with the client, your appearance and behavior as well as your company's compliance or line stores.After all, you can be a great people person, but I did not understand the technology or fashion, but it is not necessary to store manager.

Personality sales assistant

consultant should have to have talent yourself, communicate clearly, logically and intelligently.This seller forming an opinion about all the store, so make sure that the buyer came back again - his main task.But to show his character consultants do not advise.Even if the customer tries to withdraw himself from the seller, you need to control their emotions.Stress resistance - one of the main qualities of the employee.

Additional responsibilities

What else to do Sales?Duties also include the submission to the senior head of the department.When he asked to put items on the windows, or wipe them from the dust will have to perform.Also, you will need to:

  • check the quality and quantity of the goods, the availability of documents on it;
  • correctly lay out the products on display;
  • monitor their purity;
  • conduct sales, write checks;
  • packaged goods.

Who can become a shop assistant?

In fact, if you already have at least Secondary education and little experience, you can take on this position.If you have completed specialized courses, it is only a plus.In general, even if you have no experience, but you are under 18, you want to work and meet the requirements of the company, consider that you have Sales!Job responsibilities you have to declare pre-employment because they can vary from salon or specialty store.


So you still worried about what kind of employee from the main duties of?Shop assistant tells about the goods offered to the buyer, if necessary, selects other items corresponding to the requirements of the customer, sells and packages purchased product.If you want to get this position, work on speech, check out the clothes and manners - and you sure will!