Dual wield - an effective method or way to stand out?

believed that dual wield was first invented by the Macedonian freedom fighters during the Balkan wars of the last century, and the term came about in the mid-thirties.But in fact, no one can say exactly when it happened.We only know that this way of shooting is now used by operatives in many countries and is considered to be quite effective.It is also believed that this term, as well as the names of guns, called "Author" and is associated with the methods of warfare of Alexander the Great, whose troops did everything on the move: drinking, eating, and even defecated.And again, to confirm or disprove this theory is impossible.

itself dual wield a fire with two pistols.By the way, this method is widely used in film and computer games.Just remember Lara Croft, Tomb Raider famous or typical cowboy disassembly and reminded of a dozen examples.This popularization, apparently associated with a spectacular this method.Anyway, this kind of shooting almost everyone is familiar, if not by name, then by definition.

Armament this technique special forces and police departments due to the fact that dual wield is very effective in a firefight at close range.Of course, a great shooting accuracy achieved by this method is hardly possible, but most of overcrowding is highly damaging ability, which can be a significant advantage in the conduct of operations.But can we assume that such a method of firing gradually replace the standard, such as shooting from the hip, or shooting with two hands?Especially considering that in recent years this technique has received increasing attention.

is difficult to say something about the distant future, but soon this will not be expected.Be that as it may, the main task of the police is that the remains of catching criminals, not its destruction.So it can be assumed that dual wield and will remain in service with the military, whose main task - to prevent the further development of the conflict by any means.Moreover, the preparation of this skill takes time and requires constant training.The police is simply not enough neither the means nor the time, despite the fact that its troops occupied permanently.

This technique can be learned independently.Of course, it is difficult to say, why do you need an ordinary citizen, but if there is a desire and an opportunity - why deny yourself the pleasure in receiving?To do this, contact the rifle clubs with the request.The owners are unlikely to refuse a new customer, but the right coach can not be found, and then have to do all the work yourself.To help may come literature and the Internet.The main thing - remember that the shooting should take place and comfortable "on the machine".The accuracy of this technique is in the last place, and the main slope is on overcrowding and defeat more kolichesktvo purposes.