Pilates - a "cocktail" of necessary exercise to our body

Every day the human body is exposed to stress.Vanity of the bustling city, the crowd scurrying like ants, people and a huge burden of responsibility as a sword of Damocles hanging over his head, unable to fill tired and exhausted body and a positive new forces.Sedentary lifestyle, minimum load weaken the musculoskeletal system and human muscle tissue, which sometimes leads to injury and certain diseases.

In order to keep the body in shape and form, it is necessary to carry out even minimal exercise.The most effective are yoga, pilates and fitness.Consider the most benign set of fitness exercises - Pilates.

Pilates - is the most affordable for all ages set of physical exercises that develop flexibility and endurance, allowing to feel confident and full of energy.Unlike fitness and yoga, there should not be afraid of any supernatural loads.Pilates - these are exercises that can carry both children and adults, men and women, and, most importantly, people with spinal cord injuries.People suffering from scoliosis, curvature of the spine, herniated discs can safely engage in Pilates.Due to this gentle exercise gymnastics can cope with the disease.

can say that Pilates - a "vitamins and minerals" complex, so necessary to the human body.With these gymnastic exercises the human body is gaining strength and is becoming more flexible.Through regular training muscle tissue grows and is strengthened.

Pilates - a kind of "cocktail", which gives energy supply throughout the body and its internal organs and tissues.These exercises not only strengthen the spine, but also increase joint mobility, relieve stress with them, as well as allow for faster rehabilitation after injury.Pilates is a tremendous effect its impact on the internal organs, normalize their work.This, in turn, has a positive effect on health and promotes weight loss.

doing Pilates on special mats and using different equipment, such as a chair, reformer and Cadillac.For best results of the exercises you need to deal with at least 3 times a week.You must also give the body rest: non-stop training not only will give the desired effect, but can also cause the body to stress and fatigue.It is therefore recommended to make small break of 1-2 days between workouts.

Pregnancy - the natural state of the female body.It is during pregnancy body support is required not only in the form of vitamins and fresh air, but also in the form of special exercise.Therefore, many of the fair sex do not know firsthand about Pilates for pregnant women.Pilates exercises "for an interesting situation" can strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, to stop pain and relieve during pregnancy and immediately themselves genera.