Strife - a family feud

Quite often in the history of the world was that the brother went to war against his brother, and his son - his father.In fact, roughly speaking, strife - this is the hostile relations between relatives within the family, family discord of its members.

common usage

Today this concept is used in a broader context - the literal and figurative.Feuds - it's not just a family feud.More - substantial differences on various issues between any people quarrel between politicians and public figures, groups, regions and even countries.The concept is also used in relation to the management or staff of several related businesses, such as civil strife or directors of enterprises.In a sense, the civil war between the people of Russia of the 20th century as a civil strife, when his brother rebelled against brother, son killed his father.

Princely feuds

In the historical context, the term is usually coined by on the war for power and territory, between relatives in the era of the princes of Kievan Rus.The main time period of historical wars came in the tenth to the eleventh century.


can identify the root cause: in the territory subject to the princes, did not exist at that time a single state, with a total centralization of power.It is missing, according to historical data, and the tradition to transfer power from the older sons.And as the great princes leave behind a lot of the heirs-sons, strife - this was the most common way out of the current situation in the power struggle.We can say that at a certain stage in the history of Russia (around 13th century) rulers simply doomed to endless hostility heirs.However, even having received authority, for example, in one of the big cities, the heirs also sought to get the board in Kiev.And strife - a struggle for the redistribution of territories, the desire of some princes, on the contrary, less dependent on the Kiev authorities.


in the history of Russia decided to allocate several stages of such hostility.The first dates back to the 10th century, when there was strife sons Svyatoslav.The second (early 11th century) - the struggle for supremacy between the sons of Prince Vladimir.At the end of the 11th century have sons Yaroslav attempted redistribution of inheritance.All these endless wars were quite bloody, and, in fact, led to a mass death of the Russian people - ordinary peasants, townspeople, retainers and heirs who less fortunate in the redistribution of territory and power.