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the responsibility of all to the cheers of the Japanese approach.They used three types of bows - saykeyrey (lowest), medium bow - from the angle of thirty degrees and light - the angle of fifteen.The lowest bow welcomes the most respected and wealthy people.

The Akamba tribe in Kenya as a sign of deep respect, imagine spit on the counter.Also greeting spitting in Masai.However, they spit on his hands, and then shake hands with the other.

famous phrase Ā«Memento moreĀ», it turns out, was also welcome: since the Middle Ages greeted the members of the Order of Trappist.The monks reminded each other that a person must live in dignity, to avoid punishment for their sins in the next world.

Very original welcomed Russian peacekeepers in Yugoslavia during the NATO bombing campaign told our local instead of "Hello" - "S-300", alluding to the fact that it's time to start fighting back.By the way, in the thirties in Germany, some risking their freedom and life, instead of shouting at rallies Heil Hitler "Halbe Liter", that is, half a liter.

Greetings inhabitants of Easter Island is to become straight, squeeze hands into fists, pull them in front of him to rise above his head, to unclench their fists and give hands quietly fall, this is the first option.If this sounds complicated, you can just lay your hands, palms, forehead lift, turn palms up and slap himself on his beard.

Some Indian tribes adopted at the sight of a stranger squatting up until the stranger shall not come and will not notice you.

Tibetans at a meeting remove headdress with his right hand, his left hand lay behind his ear and his tongue.

representatives of the newly-Guinean tribe CODI when meeting tickle each other's chin.

Samoa you misunderstand, if you do not sniff at a meeting of his friend.

Greeting Aboriginal New Zealand Maori.Get ready for a little gymnastics.At a meeting of Maori words in the first shout and fierce staccato manner, then slapped his hands on his thighs, and then with all his might stomp your feet and bend your knees, and finally inflate the chest, his eyes bulge from time to time his tongue.

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