How to restore your nails after a build-up

Now nail takes a significant place in the beauty industry.In addition, it is very beautiful, thanks to the capacity fails to correct some flaws that may exist at the natural nail.However, capacity has a negative side.Gel and acrylic has a negative effect on the nail plate, which is why native nails become brittle and reduced strength.This was the reason that many people concerned about the issue: how to restore your nails after a build-up?There are several methods.These methods involve the use of a home, as not all have time and money for regular visits to the beauty salon.You can see a few ways how to strengthen the nails after the building that you can use at home.

Typically, after you remove artificial nails, while it can be difficult in order to grow the nails of appropriate length, so you need to give your nails a rest, cutting regrown nail as often as possible.Currently in stores is represented by a huge amount of funds intended to strengthen nails.The structure of these complexes may include multiple therapeutic varnishes needed for daily or weekly use.

How to restore your nails after a build-up: folk recipes

The most common way to restore nails and return them the strength and brilliance can serve as a bath with sea salt.It is necessary to stir the water in a glass small spoon of sea salt, add just a few drops of aromatic oils in the solution must be fifteen minutes to hold hands.

Treatment berries have recently become increasingly popular.This method is particularly useful and is available to use in the summer.It is necessary to take any sour grapes and turn them into mush, in which you have ten minutes to hold hands.After this procedure is to grease the hands with vegetable oil or cream.

If you are very concerned about the question: how to treat the nails after the building, you know, you can save the nails in just a month, but the procedure will need to do every day before going to bed.It is necessary to mix five drops of lemon juice and any oil, add a little vitamin A and E, and a little water.This mixture should be applied to the nails.

There is a very old recipe, involving the use of potatoes.It is necessary to cook the potato, then knead it, and then put a little ostuzhennoy mashed fingers.Hands need to roll up polyethylene wrap towel.All this is necessary to hold until cool puree.Starch and trace elements, which are available in potatoes, strengthen and restore the weakened nails.

In addressing how to restore your nails after a build-up, it must be remembered that it is important to work not only outside but inside.It is necessary to increase the intake of foods rich in calcium and vitamins A and E. You can just drink a vitamin course, that will be useful throughout the body, not just the nails.Once your nails are restored, be sure to remember that you must continue to maintain their health and beauty.

How to restore your nails after a build-up: Beauty treatments

If you have the opportunity to use the services of a beauty salon, you can sign up for these treatments: paraffin bath, hot manicure and nail sealing.Paraffin with regular use have a very beneficial effect on the nails.Hot manicure nail involves immersion in a heated container, which contains a creamy liquid, its composition includes vitamins, nourishes and strengthens the nails.But sealing nails - is a completely new procedure.It all boils down to is that the means of the nutrients sealed in the nail, forming a protective film.