Office etiquette: how not to be trapped

few typical working situations from the lives of our readers commented renowned expert on business etiquette, business coach and consultant Faith Kobzev.

How to sit at the table at the meeting?We often meet to discuss operational aspects - bosses, subordinates, for 5-10 people.Rectangular table, led by no one sits.There are some clear rules?After all, if you sit in front, you like your opponent, do not want to occupy a place next to the most important boss »

As arranged during the meeting - it's really important, because it affects the business climate.There are several principles.It is important that none of the participants had his back to the door or to the open space.Best places of honor - the ones that allow you to see and windows and doors, so people like to control the entire room.At the head of the table sits at senior positions, place the right and left of him, too honorable.At the same time, the principle of "seating" depends on the corporate culture and traditions, they must be taken into account along with the rules of business etiquette.I agree with the author of the letter that if the meeting or negotiations are sitting across from each other, they often have a desire to argue, conflict.So if you want to reach an agreement, it is better to sit at an angle of 45 degrees or on one side of the table.

«Is it true that in business etiquette did not apply the usual rules?All divisible only by employees and managers, and no "man should be the first to greet and pass the woman forward," etc.In practice, it turns out it depends, sometimes you feel silly - it is not clear what to expect »

important to understand that there is a general civil and business etiquette, which adopted different rules.Business etiquette should be a pattern: the first place is the status of the participants in the communication, the second - the age - the third floor.Consider this situation: the boss - a young man, and his secretary - older women, and so from the standpoint of business etiquette secretary should open the door to the boss, and not vice versa.These principles are difficult to take root in our business area.It should also be borne in mind that the Russian etiquette - a very gender (gender - gender), so there is a lot of embarrassment.

«I periodically there is such situation.A colleague on vacation away and not because of those who are always connected, and the need to find a paper that he probably desk drawers, or a file on his computer.What would be the best: harass him on vacation or to go and look?I'm usually looking for himself, then admitted the returning colleague (s) he did not seem to mind, but I can see that he (she) is unpleasant.Where general office boundary between "private" and "public»? »

terms of building business processes and relations in the organization would be right, if it would be spelled out a clear procedure for how to proceed in such cases.This is all to make life easier.But if such a procedure is not, according to business etiquette sequence of actions is as follows: it is necessary to call an absent colleague, put it on notice to obtain from him approval guidelines and only then start to look for.

boundaries between private and public in the workplace, of course.In an amicable way, they should be registered "corporate code" or "standards of conduct" of the organization.

«Do I have to knock on the study?I have heard that there is such »

among experts on etiquette, there are two polar points of view on this issue.First - pounding should definitely probably colleague (especially the boss) is business negotiations, or his secret affairs and the need to prevent knock, you will go right now.Supporters of the second approach believe that people come to work to work, no secret affairs be they can not and should not be distracted colleagues thud.Again, I repeat, much easier situation, if the company has adopted a document that describes how accepted.The companies are even documents which are called 'We have so decided, "and there are answers to all these questions, including - knocking or not.It turns out that there is no universal answer, so I advise you look closely, in such cases, behave in your company, or ask colleagues.

«How many years working in different companies, always the same problem with the staff, especially the girls - can not choose an outfit for corporate parties.If the evening going to the restaurant, the morning has run the office girl in transparent tops and bare shoulders, and the ladies in velvet suits a la the "I-have-20-years-wear-it-at-all-the triumph."They do not understand that look funny?But I do not want to dress up, then it turns out that I was an intruder established order?And if I do not want to go on any corporate, which can be a good reason?I tried to walk, and then quickly retreat, but turned somehow worse, noticeable »

I remember saying on the campaign in a strange monastery with its charter.Remember that you do not work a single player and a member of the organization, and it is necessary to find a balance between his personality and the fact that it is accepted in the team.Regarding clothing: correct in this situation will be arranged - not necessarily "supernaryazhatsya", but it is worth adding to your costume some festive element, decoration.To go or not to the corporate - it's your choice, but it is better to go, because the organization pays you including for the fact that you maintain its traditions and customs.If you go completely unbearable, you should dig deeper: what your motivation, with loyalty, where such resistance, disagreement.Most likely, the negative attitude towards the corporate, this is only the tip of the iceberg.Option - to spend up to half of the event, and then go - in my view, acceptable.

«Our superior to all addresses in the" you "(regardless of age), and we for him to" you. "This is normal?Maybe he expects that we will refer to him as "thou."In fact, it is quite democratic people.But I am accustomed to the "you" with all »

Russian leaders often lack the knowledge and skills in the creation of an optimal distance business relations with subordinates.It so happens that the leader creates "the illusion of equality" in relations with subordinates, reduces the distance to the friendship, rather than to maintain relations of good friends.There are also differences in the manner of communication between leaders - from friendship to rigidity.It also prevents the creation of the necessary distance.But predictability and certainty in the style of communication leader - is a motivating factor for employees.

If your boss turns to you "you", it means that he consciously (or unconsciously) wants to reduce the distance.In terms of etiquette preferable treatment to "you."But foreign firms, companies where many employees have studied abroad, and organizations with a young team, the appeal to "you" - the norm.It is neither bad nor good.Handling is largely dictated by tradition, established by the company.

«Can I ask the authorities about the other workplace if you are very uncomfortable?At the head does not fray and hammers close do not work, but I'm back to all my chair sometimes hurt, very closely, others space more.And I can slowly push your own table?Or have to endure? »

Every person has the right to talk about your wishes and ask what is important.The main thing is to justify his request - which is not satisfied and why not demand, and argue their position.For example, such an uncomfortable workplace prevents you to concentrate.Himself change its "working disposition" is not worth it, because the disposal of space - it is also the prerogative of management, so you need to enlist his support.Chances are, if you have developed good relations with the chief, he will hear you and offer options.And if not, then, have to live and develop their ability to handle stress.

«It's probably funny, but I'm still uncomfortable to call people on the mobile phone.For work.I always try to reach for the worker, and if it does not work, then had to get on the mobile.All the time it seems that I found the person at an inconvenient time, I always ask, whether it is convenient to talk.And, frankly, I do not like it when I get a call on your mobile, if I'm not at work, then think of the work I do not.This is ridiculous?Mobile phones have completely assimilated to the workers? »

If a man gives your mobile phone number (for business cards, conversation, letter), then feel free to call on it is not necessary.If the person is busy or does not want to be disturbed, he simply shut off or will not take the phone.It is appropriate to call a cell phone during working hours, and after the greeting is worth asking - convenient if the other person talks

Articles Source: newspaper "Work for You"