Left-hand traffic in different countries

Left-hand traffic or right-hand traffic ... How to sort out what is best, it is convenient that the rational operation last?

the first time - in England

In fact, between right and left is not much difference.Left-hand traffic was first performed in England (in many countries of Europe adopted, on the contrary, right hand).And so it went, that in former British colonies remained left hand, since the change required reformatting psychology residents and dispensed also quite expensive!

and also rail traffic.In Argentina - left hand, and in many European countries, although the cars are subject to right-handed!Historically, it is a tradition.

countries where cars drive on the left movement

Most people in the world - right-handers.Therefore, there is no doubt the very feasibility of mostly right-hand traffic.But countries which drive on the left is legalized, it turns out, it is not so little.28% of all roads in the world are left-handed.On the left side of the travel 34% of the world's population, which is not so little.As already mentioned, the main reason for this was the colonial policy in England.Left hand movement spread in the former British colonies and territories, once dependent on Britain.

Here European countries where cars drive on the left movement: United Kingdom, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus.In Asia, it is Japan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Macao, Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.As you can see, a lot of them!Oceania: Australia, Fiji, New Guinea, New Zealand.Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique.In Latin America, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, Suriname.More left-hand traffic in Japan.You can list and list!

little history

The stories were even precedents when whole countries moved from left-hand to right-hand and vice versa.Sweden to one day replace the left-hand drive cars on the right hand.This happened in 1967.America is just trying to disown his "anglozavisimosti" made easier - not, as in England.Namely, this country has made an undeniable contribution to the development of the world automotive industry.And many countries of the planet taken from her example!

add that modern car seat for the driver is closer to the side of the oncoming traffic flow: Right in the left-hand field to the left in countries with right-hand traffic, respectively.This provides additional comfort for the driver extends the field of view and provides the ability to react quickly.

And from history: in Russia in the Middle Ages, traffic rules (right) have developed themselves and are respected as the most natural.And Empress Elizabeth back in 1752 issued a decree on the right-hand traffic in the streets of Russian cities for cabs and carriages.

and to the west the first law, which would regulate the movement in the streets, became the English Bill 1756, in which the motion of London Bridge had to be carried out on the left side.