How to create your own beautiful floral pattern

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Beautiful floral pattern is always in fashion!If you look around, you will notice that the designs of flowers all around us: in the women's clothing and a variety of household items, postcards, books in graphics and logos in advertising.

And recently become very popular to put elegant floral composition on the nails.In general, someone who knows how to create original and unique designs, consisting of floral patterns, never without work will not stay.In this article we will talk about how to learn how to create such beauty.

Where to draw ideas for creative

It would seem that everything is simple: use what others have come up and do not break down.Just look at the beautiful floral patterns that have come up with thousands of others and use the ready-made magnificent motives.That may be so, but to take someone else did as something bad.It is best to thoroughly recycle other people's ideas, adding to them something of their own.

But the best if you are able to interact with his creative nature.Try to bring home a bouquet of summer conventional field of daisies with bells and make a number of sketches from nature.You will see an infinite number of reasons and will be able to develop his creative floral pattern, but not one, but many.

How to start drawing

Home must always be easy, especially if you do not yet have experience in painting.Make a pencil sketch of a flower, carefully prorisovyvaya all the petals, leaves, stems.Look at the beautiful flowing lines create the outline of the plant.

This initial draft of the graphics should be as much as possible details.When you create a floral pattern, it is very useful.And while you're drawing, learning flower, admire him, he gradually will share with you the secrets of her beauty.Do not press hard on the pencil, draw a subtle light strokes.At this stage it is best suited finely honed solid pencils - they do not give fatty lines, malfunctioning and blots easily erased eraser.At the final stage of drawing can be cut around all the lines over a bright soft pencil.Shadows can shade and light areas left untouched.

next step

Now you have naturally made a sketch, but also based on it to create a floral pattern?The fact is that the image that you have, you need to style, simplified to make flat, and then divided into pieces, from which you can then add up the original decoration.Flower can and must be disassembled as large fragments (part of the stem, petals, leaves), and the very small, such as a toothed edge of a leaf, or a beautifully curved stamens.

begin creating the pattern

Well, now comes the moment of this intoxicating creation - designing floral patterns.Yes, exactly, in the plural.Because if you responsibly and diligently fulfilled the first part of the work, the prepared material enough for a lot of plant motifs.

Another important point: you need to decide, black and white floral pattern or color you need, asymmetrical or symmetrical.If your goal - a free fantasy floral motif that is not tied to the symmetry, it simplifies matters.Otherwise, draw on the paper supporting grid to help you position the elements of the ornament in a given strict order.To begin, of course, best with asymmetric patterns.

After creating compositions can proceed to its coloring in different colors.Do not take just a lot of shades, it is better to restrict to two or three, otherwise it will be difficult to create color harmony.It would be a good idea to scan your drawing and to conduct further processing on the computer in the "Photoshop" and "Illustrator", but that's another story ...