The most famous capital of Europe: the view of Russians

Who does not love to travel?Someone breaks in America, someone pulls in Asia, someone - in Europe, and some people like to travel around the country.Anyway, every tourist in due course there favorite place where you want to return again and again.And they do not necessarily have to be in the ranking of "most famous capital of the world": every tourist - their preferences.

And what kind of cities are the most popular in Europe?Poll large number of respondents helped identify which city, according to the Russians - the most famous European capital.

Correspondents show "100/1" ("A Hundred to One") interviewed a large number of citizens of the Russian Federation.They asked people the same question: "What is the city - the most famous European capital?"It is worth noting that citizens' opinions were divided.

Below are the most popular answers to the question of what the most famous capital exists in Europe.


To visit the magnificent Paris, probably wants to practically every Russian citizen.The capital of France - is a magnet that attracts not only lovers but also of all citizens of both our countries and around the world.Paris like crazy.Despite the high (and for someone or even impermissible), the euro, is not ideal weather, and often a headache, people come here again and again.Although not difficult to guess that so attracts tourists from all over the world in this European city: people come here for a first class service in the restaurants (with the Stars "Michelin"), for the best shopping (including sale) or to see the famous Parisian "Disneyland "and make a photo on the background of the legendary Eiffel Tower.Although the majority of Russian tourists recognized that they were going to Paris for sightseeing: the famous Louvre, Orsay and Marmottan.Reasons to visit this beautiful city - a great many.But the fact remains that the majority of Russians in Paris - the most famous European capital.


Oddly enough, in the second place in popularity is the capital of Russia - Moscow.As soon as any capital call our residents and visitors!And the "Third Rome" and "nerezinovaya" and even gently - "a big village"."The Village" is called the Russian capital through quiet lanes Zamoskvorechye, an atmosphere which resembles a village silence.Many tourists go to see the traditional Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, and now the famous Moscow-City.Many respondents mentioned China Town, and a new modern scientific center "Skolkovo".The exact list of all the city's attractions can not play not a single resident of the Russian capital, and even art!The number of monuments, theaters and museums are just rolls!In short, every resident or visitor of the city is the capital of his possessions.


UK capital today - one of the most popular destinations.Tourists from around the world flock to the heart of the UK, although there are considerable expensive excursion trips, coupled with fairly modest means placement.Some surveyed respondents indicated that in order to see the Royal Guard, visit the Tower of London and hear the sound of the tower "Big Ben", they are willing to pay such a significant amount.Other respondents said that the capital of the UK to visit, if only because that London - the birthplace of the famous Sherlock Holmes.


fourth largest number of votes of the respondents took Berlin.The capital of Germany, as well as the capital of Russia - a city full of contrasts.The contrast is observed everywhere: in the architecture, history and literature.Among the main attractions of Berlin the Russians would like to see the Berlin Wall (a reflection of the post-war era), and graffiti on the ruins of the legendary "World Time Clock".Several people also noted the restaurant "last resort", where at one time often dined Napoleon and Beethoven.


final, 5th place ranking goes to Italy and the capital of the ancient capital of the Roman Empire.Rome - a city "where all roads lead."It is concentrated so many attractions that tourists can roam the streets of the town for weeks, and still do not have time to see everything.That is why seasoned travelers advise beginners not to stay for a day or two, but at least a week.The Russians admitted that in Rome, in contrast to many other European cities, it is possible to come forever.The historic city center is a World Heritage Site.Among the respondents, the majority of the inhabitants of Russia noted as areas must see new center, the Vatican, the Old Rome, the Northern Center and the Coliseum.Also, some Russians are advised to take a walk through the streets of Trastevere, to look into the art center de picks, visit the restaurants in Aventino-Testaccio, and spend the night in San Lorenzo.

as the most popular capitals of Europe were also put forward other candidates: for example, some respondents rank "the most famous capital of Europe" was awarded the city of Prague and Minsk, but these European capitals gained fewer votes, therefore not included in the list of "Top 5the capitals of Europe. "