Rules of Tennis for Dummies

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today.Each day tournaments are many different prize pools ranging from 15 thousand to $ 2.5 million in US currency.The first racket of the world known throughout the world, they are the owners of corporations producing sporting goods.Everyone knows Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and other big-name players.The first tennis competition took place back in 1884, since then the game has evolved, and the rules of tennis constantly changing.In this article we will talk about them.

The tennis match attended by two opponents or two teams of two people.Held both men's and women's singles and doubles competitions.Frequent and championships among mixed teams.

Terms of tennis say that the ball must be driven to the game by applying one of the players racket.The right to carry out feed passes from one opponent to another in turn.Giving the ball, the player has to get into a special part of the court.A receiver must not let the ball hit on the surface in their half of the court more than once.On putting the ball into play given to tennis players of 20-25 seconds.

Games are divided into points, game and sets.To win the game according to the rules of tennis, a player must score 15-30-40 points and win another draw.If the score in the game becomes 40-40, the players continue to play until the difference in the two won the lottery.That is, if one of the players won the pitch, he is attributed to the letter "A» - Advantage, then he needs to win one more time in the game.

In order to win the whole set, the player must collect six points.In the case when the bill becomes 5: 5, the players continue to play until the difference in the two games.If the score was 6: 6, it is assigned to a tie-break, in which he played seven innings.The number of sets can vary, depending on the tournament participants and sex.For example, usually less than 3 women play sets, while in men, this number may be up to five, and the match often lasts more than four hours.After three sets in the men's opposition and two sets in the women declared a break in ten minutes - so read the rules of tennis.

If a player believes that the ball went over the line of the court, and the judges have missed this point, he may ask the «challenge», in which with the help of replays "Hawkeye" is proven hit the ball in the court or not.In addition, there is tennis umpire, he is guided by the rules of tennis and make appropriate verdict.He is assisted by line judges, which also determine whether or not the ball was gone.

rules of tennis are written not only for the players and referees.There are also ethical standards.For example, a bad tone from the fans shouting and considered any interference athletes.And tennis regularly challenging the judge's decision is also considered to be a manifestation of arrogance and disrespect, despite the fact that it's just a sports game.Tennis in its history abounds unforgivable emotional outbursts on the part of the players.

best way to understand and appreciate all the rules and intricacies of the game is to play tennis.School tennis is present in almost every city, which simplifies the search for a partner courts and an appropriate level.