Zhukov Medal is awarded for bravery and personal courage

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Marshal Zhukov called the commander of his time and the people.He was tough, strong-willed, uncompromising man.

In honor Zhukov

His rare gift analytical anticipate the actions of the enemy, of perseverance and the ability to fight is written a lot of books.It is named after the city, many streets, subway stations, Military Academy, tanker, ship and so on.. In 1994, was established state award - the Medal of Zhukov.And in 1995 - the annual State Prize of the Russian Federation for the achievements in military science and the creation of military equipment for the best works of art and literature, devoted to the Great Patriotic War.

This award was established by the relevant decree of the President of the ninth of May of 1994 No. 930 "On the establishment medals Zhukov," which became a supplement to the law "On state awards of the Russian Federation."A sixth of March of the following year was determined the status and position of the state medals.

Medal of Zhukov

ninth of May, many veterans on the chest adorns the Zhukov Medal.What gives this award, it is easy to guess: for the courage, fortitude, and, of course, with the bravery shown by military and civilian officials in the Red Army or the Navy.We get it and NKVD troops, as well as with members of the underground guerrillas for heroism during combat operations not only with the Nazis, but also with the Japanese militarists.Some also honored with this award, and to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Grand Marshal.The basis for the awarding are documents that prove the direct participation rights in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945-ies in the army or in the fighting against Japan.


Medal Marshal Zhukov issued a presidential decree.On its face made the relief image of the marshal.In its upper part it is written, "Georgy Zhukov".The bottom shows the oak and laurel branches.

On its back side in the center flaunts the phrase "For Excellence in Service".Along the edges of the rim bordered Zhukov Medal.

If you wear it on a uniform height of strap used eight millimerov and tape width of twenty-four millimeters.A miniature copy of a diameter of 1.6 centimeters is worn on the block.Zhukov Medal with a ring and ear connects to the pentagonal bar.The left half of red tape, and on the right - five longitudinal, equal to the width of alternating strips, three of them - black and two - orange.

Regulation on awarding

Today medal Zhukov issued soldiers for their courage, dedication and personal courage they show in military operations to defend the Fatherland and the interests of the Russian Federation, with the difference in the performance of their military service or duty, as well as the special participationin the exercise or practice and outstanding performance in combat training.Soldiers Medal awarded Georgy Zhukov in accordance with applicable provisions governing the granting of state awards under the law of the country in accordance with the presidential decree of the first of June of 1995 under the number 554.

Total the award received about twoa half million veterans and ten thousand soldiers.


Medal Georgy Zhukov is located on the left side of the chest, in the presence of other equivalent awards of the Russian Federation it is necessary to wear a distinctive sign after Suvorov.And for special occasions and everyday wear it provided a miniature replica.


interesting fact is that the medal Zhukov made the inaccuracy.The image of the Marshal there is an error.The fact that the team was awarded four stars of the Hero of the Soviet Union.In this third and fourth of them handed Marshal respectively in June 1945 and in December 1956 year.On the form, which is depicted on the medals Zhukov, has four stars, but like the uniform - breasted and has a stand-up collar - in April 1945 has been canceled.This means that such images could only be two awards, the ones that received the marshal before.

with twenty February 1997 the country unregistered public organization, which is called the "Permanent Bureau of the Congress of People's Deputies," began to give out the medals with a similar name: "Marshal Zhukov, the Soviet Union."She awarded as stated in the decree PPSND, "... war veterans and labor, as well as the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies in the Soviet Union, people who have had the siege of Leningrad and the most active participants in the national-patriotic movement."Interestingly, manufacturing of awards offered by the fund awarded.In early 2002, the Ministry of Justice warned Soot Umalatova - Chairman PPSND that is unacceptable to give medals or other awards with Soviet symbols, and appealed to the Prosecutor General with the statement of the prosecutor's response on this fact.As a result of the issuance psevdomedaley was discontinued.