Why dieffenbachia - flower of celibacy?

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Should I believe all those who blames his loneliness is a wonderful plant?"Dieffenbachia - flower celibacy" - unanimously approve it.Or, are to blame, but in a poor flower only blamed his troubles?

bad luck associated with the plant

What did not ascribe dieffenbachia evil tongues.Some argue that the plant is very poisonous.After his "settlement" in the house of the family receives a curse, as they say superstitious people.Dieffenbachia - flower celibacy not lead his couple is not get rid of the plant, say others.Particularly harmful, according to the signs, it is a beautiful plant girls.His "accused" that young women can wear a "crown of celibacy."That is good to be alone.Others believe that the flower does harm to human health, slowly poisoning his poison secreted leaves.But most of all superstitions connected with the fact that dieffenbachia - flower loneliness.The plant is not taken hold in homes where there are young girls.Mothers and grandmothers often try by hook or crook to evict the premises of the plant, so that, God forbid, not the girl sat up.

wonder why dieffenbachia - muzhegon?

Where did these persistent beliefs?Should we blame the flower girls in his solitude?It is said that the plant affects the virility.The young man can not experience physical attraction to the girl in the house which grows dieffenbachia.Others argue that energy crops compete with men.Normally, the winner is the flower.The stronger sex, who in an open fight can beat anyone, Retiro, arms folded in front of a nice plant.The house is a man leaves.It turns out that dieffenbachia - flower celibacy.Prove it in terms of science has failed.Yes, and it is unknown whether such research.Statistical data is also there.Nobody counted how many single women engaged in cultivation of dieffenbachia.But the girls are trying to throw the plant, "just in case."Yet it is believed that young people do not suffer from his actions.If the room boys grow dieffenbachia, it can safely married.And on his own virility flower is not affected.

properties of plants

Check and prove that dieffenbachia - flower celibacy, only on their own experience.To do this, you need to know more about the plant.It is unpretentious.His love for what it does not require complex care.But it does contain poison.It can not crack.The poison contained in the juice of the plant.We know from history that slaves in America were punished, forcing try dieffenbachia leaves taste.From this could be laryngeal edema.The skin of the poisonous juice can burn.The strength of the reaction to his individual enzymes.The average person on the juice will not die, but is prone to allergies can suffer greatly.Therefore, caution with the plant still needed.

Thus, evidence that dieffenbachia is muzhegonom there.But the girls are advised not to keep the plant at home, as folk wisdom is rarely wrong.It is better to err, so safely get married!