Eastern spiritual practices: what is the mantra of healing

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Mantra - special spiritual songs, using sound vibrations of our spirit to establish contact with other, higher matters.Working with them seriously, with skill, you can improve your health, clean energy, to reach a state of enlightenment, as do Tibetan monks.

How to use mantras

Mantra Healing - the words that fill our body strength, health, active life energy.When sung sacred words, do it consciously, not pulling away from the process.Try to draw a picture in mind of how the disease is leaving you.How to do it: reciting the mantra healing, it appears that out of the place or the body that bothers follows the dark river and flow through your hand (lower it down) rushes out, the floor or the ground.The importance of this moment is that you give yourself, your body installation for recovery.Very effective healing mantra when taking medication or receiving revitalizing treatments.Subtle vibrations increase their positive impact.Naturally, to achieve the results it is important environment.Correct your start each new day with a solemn hymns.Naturally, you should not detract neither man nor noise or other circumstances.And after healing mantra in your performance will, it should be a little sit still, the body, the body tune in.How many times you need to repeat the spell?Traditionally, the monks practicing a recovery, say multiple of 7. e. Seven, 21, and so on. D. The maximum and most effective amount for health and healing mantras - 108. If you feel fine, then read it, for example,over a glass of water.The liquid will turn into a real nectar.Drink it very useful as a preventive measure.

What you need to pronounce the mantra

One of the most powerful, universal action, chanting - "Om" or "Aum."This is the mantra of "Healing the wounds of love," "Full recovery" or "Communication soul with the Cosmos."It is important, sacred meaning as in Christianity is a fundamental principle of the prayer "Our Father".Mantra allows karmic cleansing, initiation to the Supreme Reason and more.Calling certain vibrations throughout the body, in the central and peripheral nervous system, the spell "om," and it is not only frees us from evil, disease, various external and internal negativity.No less significant and effective mantra "Gayatri", saving the majority of ailments.It is considered a kind of ambulance.Master has long been firmly assimilated this kind of practice, argue that at the first unpleasant symptoms should say the canticle mentally, if you are in a public place and in the hearing, if the home.The relief comes almost immediately, and soon the disease will disappear altogether, as if nothing had happened.Excellent immune stimulant!Good help and appeal to Krishna.Because Tibet is highly revered deity Green Tara.It perfectly helps in both male and female health problems, heals the mind and body.Listen, pronounces the mantra associated with it, and you will forget completely about doctors, hospitals and medicines.

wish you health and happiness!