What is the best steam?

steam generator - a device that converts water into steam, heated to 140-160 degrees.At this temperature, it gets properties of dry and stripped great things.Many housewives who are tired of the daily loss of time at the ironing board, decide to buy a modern steam.To purchase really benefited and helped in the performance of household duties, you need to decide what is best steam.

kinds of household steam generators

Steam generators are used in many spheres of human activity.It is not only home appliances, in order to facilitate household chores, but also a powerful device that operate in various enterprises for production purposes.

As for steam generators used in everyday life, we can distinguish these types of them:

  1. steam generator for clothing that is designed for its ironing.If you make the right choice, he will cope with their work much faster than normal iron.Furthermore, when using a vertical steamer, supplied, not only to pet curtains, and wash windows.It does not require different chemicals.The hot high pressure steam perfectly cope with any dirt.
  2. Steam generators for cleaning.These models are often cleaner with built-in steam generator.Such a device can easily cleanse the carpet, removing old stains without damaging the pile.The cost of steam generators for cleaning is quite high, so often they are not applied in the household, and cleaning companies or large enterprises for office space.
  3. Professional steam generators.They are multi-functional ironing system equipped with an iron and board with a special coating.If before purchasing a good think about what kind of steam generator iron is better, and the appropriate option to purchase, such purchase will deliver the mistress of the problems with the crumpled things.

principle of steam generation

speed and the principle of the formation of steam all models of steam generators can be divided into the following types:

  1. device with a boiler.In such a steam generator, water is boiled in full form pairs.Boiler in these devices are usually large.
  2. unit with Instant steam generation.In such a steam generator, a certain amount of water rushes to the heating element, and then instantly appears pairs.These devices are equipped with small boilers.
  3. steam generator with two water tanks.From the drive with cold water periodically dozakachivaetsya it to the boiler with hot and boiled.Thus the formation of steam faster.

In order to determine which steam generator is better, it is necessary to present the purposes for which it is acquired.If you plan to permanent ironing a lot of things, you should buy a device with a large boiler-drive.Education couple will take some time, but the temperature will be higher and will allow faster and better carry out the work.It should be such a device and sewing workshops, stores of clothes and fabrics.

for ironing a small number of simple things and household use suitable steam generator with a system of instant steam generation.Such a device can be started after a few minutes of operation.

power steam generator

So, you have decided what is best steam ironing the amount of things that you want.For a further selection need to consider some of the technical parameters of the device.One of the first characteristics that are worth paying attention to is its power.If it is more than 1800 watts, this unit is suitable for all types of tissues and has many functions.Stripping material such device will be much faster.Steam generator with a capacity of up to 1800 watts and copes with its task of stripping virtually all tissues, but the most dense.However, its speed will be lower.For daily use is better to choose a steam generator with a small capacity.It will save money, and the quality of work will not suffer.

maximum vapor pressure

This figure can be divided into three components:

  • Continuous steam produced in the process of continuing ironing.The higher the score, the greater the volume at the steam jet.Parameter indicated in grams, typically from 80 to 140 per minute.
  • pressure at which steam is supplied to the fabric.It is shown as a bar.The higher the pressure, the more powerful jet of steam is obtained.Function of vertical ironing designed for steaming curtains or items on hangers, available on devices with powerful steam.
  • Steam boost - function for stripping very over-dried stuff, folds in which it is difficult to rectify in the ordinary course of ironing.At the time of this function is active vapor is fed in an amount of from 90 to 360 grams per minute.

One can not say what a good steam, and what is worse, if they differ in the maximum vapor pressure.It all depends on the purposes for which the device is intended.

reservoir volume.Weight device

Typically the volume of the steam accumulator is from 500 ml to 2 liters.If one approach is needed to iron a very large number of things, better to choose a large tank.The device is also significantly increased in volume and will take up a lot of space.In addition, the steam generator will be even heavier.If the instrument is a gift the elderly person is unlikely to need to choose a model with a large massive storage of water.That which steam is better depends even on the handle of the iron.After ironing process takes quite a long time, and it should be as comfortable.


Responding to a question about what the steam generator is the best, you need to bear in mind the material from which made its sole.The materials used in the manufacture of the soleplate, are very different.The most common:

  1. Stainless Steel.This coating is strong and durable, quickly warms up and cools down after switching off the iron from the mains.
  2. Aluminium.This material significantly reduces the cost of the system, but has a significant drawback - it can be easily damaged.This coating can be scratched accidentally touching sharp button.Steam generator - something quite expensive, and it is expected a long life, so do not skimp on the details of the individual.
  3. Pottery.This is a modern coating quickly cleaned ordinary cloth glides easily over the fabric, without bending it, quickly heated and then cools down.In operation, one must be careful because the ceramic soleplate is fragile, and in the fall on a hard surface from a height may crack.
  4. Glass, Teflon.These materials have more than others, the cost, but the impeccable performance.They are durable, easy to use and provides good results ironing.

Thus, it is better to buy a steam generator, it depends on many parameters.The main thing - correctly determine the purpose for which the device is purchased, and pay attention to the specifications that indicated by the manufacturer of a particular model.