Presidency - a collegial body.

Translated from the Latin word "Bureau" - is the "protection".In Latin, the word is used in the literal sense as a defense or guard, and figuratively - as the Chairmanship.In the theory of law, the term refers to a particular governing body that controls the meeting or meetings where important issues are solved.This body consists of a group of people who are elected to perform their duties.In other words, the bureau - it is a select group of individuals that monitors operation of certain associations and taking organizational decisions that affect this association.

main scope of the term "the Bureau"

Ingredients management body depends on the type of activity of the representatives who gathered to make important decisions.Often the term is used in the legislative and judicial spheres.A bureau in youth and other communities, organizations, before the national and international conferences, meetings of entrepreneurs, including lawyers and so on. N.

Parliamentary Bureau - a group of leaders who are elected by the basic composition of the parliament.The composition of this body includes the Speaker, the Speaker and his deputies.The number of substituents depends on the number of MPs and how many parties are represented in the council.

main functions of the presidium of the court of general jurisdiction

The presidium of the judicial system - is a collegiate body which, in fact, performs the role of supervision.This body is considered to be the formation of mid-level courts of general jurisdiction, as well as in arbitrations and higher courts.Such organizational bodies of courts of general jurisdiction are designed to perform judicial and organizational functions.Persons elected to this structure should ensure the legality and impartiality of judgments and decisions which gained legal force, to observe the court's consideration of the circumstances that have opened after the verdict.The Presidium of the Court - a body that performs the following functions:

  • members considered the structure and perform analysis of judicial practice.
  • follow the work of the court.
  • Helps lower courts correctly apply the rules of law.Claim
  • the College of Judges.
  • Listen and analyze the work of the boards according to reports from the chairmen of judicial boards.

Arbitration Court Presidium

slightly different situation in arbitration courts.Bureaux arbitration average performed only organizational functions, and the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court - and institutional and judicial.

mainly composed of such structural formation of mid-level courts include court presidents and their deputies who hold these positions in a given period.Sometimes in the elected and qualified judges, who highlighted the performance of their duties.

Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court

supreme deliberative body of the Supreme Court is its presidium.The Presidium of the Supreme Court - is approved by the Federation Council 13 judges who have concluded the Higher kvalifkollegii judges.As the Supreme Arbitration Court of the structure of the Supreme Court consists of the chairman and his deputies, as well as other judges of the Supreme Court, which have good characteristics.

consultative body of the Supreme Court is going to deal with organizational issues at least once a month.All the necessary decisions are taken by the body only if the majority of members of its basic structure.Decisions taken at the meeting, signed by chairman of the Presidium, which is elected as such by the post of the Chief Justice.

functions Presidium of the Supreme

The main functions of the Presidium of the Russian Armed Forces are:

  • of court cases opened circumstances.
  • The study of the judicial practice and analysis of statistical data.
  • organizational issues relating to the operation of vessels and apparatus Boards Sun
  • Perform other functions that are defined at the legislative level.