How to cook fried calamari and stuffed?

squid meat is considered a dietary product, and very useful for the human body.It contains fatty acids and enriched with protein, which is perfectly assimilated.Due to taurine meat lowers cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and improve cardiovascular system.This product contains a number of many other nutrients and vitamins.So, how to cook fried calamari?

A word of advice.Just simply thawed or fresh squid is very difficult to clean from the film, the cleaning process often takes too much time, but it can be significantly reduced.For this purpose, a large fire is put a pot of water, as soon as the water boils, it just throws the clam, and just two minutes already got.While in hot water all the dirt from the surface itself will take squid, and after cooling the film comes off very easily.

squid, deep fried

kilo of peeled and chopped clams well prmytyh rings and put on a towel or napkin to the excess moisture is gone.All rings salt and pepper, you can add your favorite spices, roll in starch.

The pan (better to take wide) Pour half vegetable oil, a little wait, so it is red-hot.After drop-flavored squid rings in a pan, fry no more than four minutes.

Then get a ring with a slotted spoon and then put on a napkin to soak it all excess fat.For a taste you can sprinkle with lemon juice.Ready-fried squid perfectly with any kind of cabbage.

How to fry the squid in a cream sauce?

purified shellfish cut into thin half-rings or simply strips and fry in a frying pan send with vegetable oil.Immediately clean medium onion, finely chop and send it to the squid, salt and add the spices.

After 10 minutes in the pan pour half a liter of thick sour cream (fat content of not less than 20%), mixed thoroughly, if necessary dosolit.Simmer for another 10 minutes and the dish is ready!

Calamari, fried in breadcrumbs

Half a kilo of shellfish cut into rings or half rings.Beat two eggs well with salt and spices.All squid pour into a bowl with the eggs and stir.Then roll them in breadcrumbs.And finally - put them in a pan with plenty of oil, fry four minutes.It turns out tasty and very simple.

Stuffed mushrooms squid

are not just fried calamari, stuffed it turns out pretty tasty shellfish.

Undertake five small carcasses without cutting the cleaned and washed, only the tail removed.

any Half a kilo of mushrooms (can be used as forest or mushrooms) and one finely chopped onion and leave to brown in a skillet.There you can add crushed cut tail.All the salt and add the spices.

In each carcass put the filling of mushrooms, but not tamping, squid by heat treatment becomes much smaller, you must take this into account.Edge fix skewers or toothpicks, put in a baking dish, pour a little to the bottom of the hot water on top with mayonnaise.Place in preheated oven to 200 degrees.

After 20 minutes, get, sprinkle with grated cheese and then send it in the oven for three minutes.Serve warm.

Despite the usefulness of squid, doctors do not recommend too much eating them because of the excessive content of salt.A dried and is not recommended, they contribute to water retention, which leads to swelling and changes in appearance in a bad way.Of course, do not need to give them up, just do not eat too often.