How to install water pressure regulator in the apartment.

To ensure stability in the flat water pressure in order to avoid possible drops of water supply and prevent the possible damage that can be triggered by hydraulic shocks, need to use special tools.They will help to organize the work of the said system and keep your plumbing intact.These devices are reducer (regulator) of water pressure (RD), or water hammer damper.Their use is important in a domestic environment.

Application device

regulator retains its original pressure and does not allow the output to exceed the norm, thereby stabilizing it.Appliances in this connection is in good condition.If your home water heater is installed, then the water pressure regulator in the apartment will become a reliable assistant in the preservation of operational properties of this product.As a result of this expedient is to use a special tool.It is also dangerous for the water and a water hammer devices.He said the system could cause considerable damage.It arises from a change in water flow rate and at a small time interval.This kick causes cracks in the pipes.As a result, in the near future damage occurs the water supply channel and its other elements.In this case, install a pressure regulator small importance of water.The sharp jump in it can disrupt and washing and dishwashers, mixers, heat exchangers, pumps, ie virtually any equipment in your home that is connected to the water system.

variety of products

pressure regulators are of two types:

  • Membrane gears .They quench pressure expansion tanks do not have, as they have properties to resolve it in a large range.
  • Piston .These regulated gear exiting and entering the pressure.

by the distinctive properties of these products are divided into the following subtypes:

The performance :

  • Household water pressure regulator - 3 m³ / h.
  • Commercial reducer with an average capacity of 3-15 m³ / h.
  • Industrial - 15 m³ / h.

In principle connect :

  • Join the water mains with diameter up to 50 mm threaded socket.For example, when installing the regulator D06F.
  • flange connections can be connected to the water supply pipes with diameter 50-450 mm.For example, because water pressure regulator set (RD) brand D15P and DR300.

On a scale pressure control :

  • With a wide range - from 1.5 to 12.0 bar.For example, D15P and D06FH.
  • With fine adjustment - from 0.5 to 2.0 bar.For example, D15NP and D06FN.

At the critical pressure of the feed water :

  • At the entrance to 16 bar.For example, the controller of the brand D15P.
  • At the entrance to 25 bar.For example, D17P.

at a maximum water temperature :

  • for cold should be up to +40 ° C.For example, the brand reducer D06F-A.
  • hot water temperature should be 70 ° to.For example, D06F-B.

may be noted the fact that these products are of filtering capacity grid for the primary treatment, the presence of a transparent flask of cold water, as well as connecting the gauges, which connection can be axial or radial.Also, gearboxes can be specially built air filters or advance be made without them.It depends directly on the tasks for which they have made.Installing them can be made directly to the pipe or of the blocks.Thus, the gearbox can be put in domestic and industrial water supply in order to reduce excessive current fluid pressure to a safe value.This is one of the basic properties of the devices.

water pressure regulator in the apartment: the principle of operation

principle of operation of the gearbox is to compensate for changes in input pressure and coming at the end of time remains unchanged.It also protects water pressure regulator with gauge of failure, as well as to prevent hammering.In other words, this device promotes alignment effort.For example, if there is a decline in the output pressure, the greater the spring tension arose device causes the valve to open.It affects the regulation of water flow.As a result of this will be to increase the output pressure of said balancing diaphragm spring using force.This property is important.Pressure regulator hot water on the principle of operation is identical to the existing analogues.The device can be mounted on the riser pipe bends.

Install water pressure regulator with his hands

This process is not so difficult in the presence of some skills in this area.Of course, the installation of this product must be a mechanic-repairman who have received specialized qualifications, but sometimes it is simply unrealistic to wait for the masters, so you have to do everything yourself.The principle of mounting of said device is the same as that of a conventional water meter.It is desirable to control the water pressure in a flat installed in a horizontal position, but if no selection is permitted, and in the vertical direction.If the system does not shut-off valves, it is required to carry out their installation.

Required parts

To perform this operation, you will need: the controller, several shut-off valves (input and output), water filters, tube or pipe wrench, a tow and a special lubricant for her.

installation steps

proceed directly to a process control setting:

  • initially required to block the water.
  • Then you need to cut a piece of pipe size so that assembly design, which includes two valves, pressure regulator and filter cleaning can accurately enter into the hole.
  • then be threaded.This is done in case of need, ie. A. When installed on plastic pipes made brazing predefined items that can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • On payannuyu or threaded (after 4-5 turns of screwing tow) necessary to carry out winding clockwise shut-off valve.Just do not be in this case, to make too much effort, t. To. Brass valve may break at the thinnest point.
  • Next, set the coarse filter and the regulator, strictly gauge up.
  • Then pads of a certain size must be sealed connection or tow, where necessary.
  • himself gear is required to mount just behind the counter, as arranged between the valve and strainer.In this case should be considered correct positioning of these elements.Next
  • for pressure regulator valve of the second set, it will facilitate the dismantling of the device.

adjustment process

After mounting the gear you need to configure it.For this purpose it is necessary to initially close the valve at the inlet and outlet opening.Followed by turning the adjustment screw clockwise using the special key to increase the pressure and in the opposite direction to decrease it.The required value of the pressure gauge should be about 3 atmospheres.If the regulator is no gauge, use factory setting.


With self acquisition of these devices is necessary to pay attention not to the diameter of the pipes in the apartment, and on the consumption of water used in them.It is important to remember.The difference of these diameters is eliminated when purchasing adapters.You also need to buy a mechanical filter for cleaning and two auxiliary valve, without which the connection will be impossible.


Analyzing the above, we can say with certainty that the water pressure regulator installed in the apartment or in the house ensures a high quality smooth operation of your household appliances with drops and pressure surges in the system.It is important for each.Also said the device will keep plumbing, ensure the normal operation of water utility, surge protection.So do not forget about such an arrangement, as the water pressure regulator, whose price is pretty reasonable and affordable for everyone (from 240 to 12 000 rubles. Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the design and brand products).