Modern political ideologies

Modern political ideologies, as well as those that existed before, provide order in society, maintain its integrity.And this despite the fact that in society there are many groups, often with completely opposite opinions.That is the political ideology of modernity - these are statements regarding facts and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are relevant for a particular group, individual or party and express their goals.They are like a frame, which supports the function and structure of power in a particular society.All the major political ideologies of our time, regardless of their nature are inseparable from the problem of authority.Each of them recognizes its social model and apply their tools and methods for its implementation in practice.

Modern political ideologies simultaneously perform two seemingly opposite roles.On the one hand, they unite among themselves members of a particular party (integrative function), and on the other - it is separated from the others (dividing function).

biased political ideologies are usually pronounced.This is due to their desire to attract the most support.Ideologies attaches to relations between people, groups, parties, institutions, political.They explain, accept or reject certain realities of public life in a particular historical period.This is a common characteristic of all time features of this phenomenon.

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Modern political ideologies, however, different from the previous lack of an invisible axis that divided the world into two poles.This happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the "Cold War."The concept of "the West" has lost its old meaning.Japan began to refer to Asian countries.Now she can, together with other countries belonging to the Asia-Pacific region, to build relations with other regions, without looking at the political and ideological considerations.

Yet the time has come, which even Max Weber warned that the era of disillusionment, frustration and uncertainty of the time.And the religious teachings of the past, and a variety of ideas and utopias, which existed in the 20th century, ceased to play the role of the ideals that all mobilized.This happened either because of bankruptcy or whether they simply exhausted.Nowadays, the majority of utopias (communist, radical, socialist) debunked.And that's a fact.As a result - people have lost trust and the revolutionaries and reformers.More afraid of no one and does not inspire great bans and program failures.And they do not work because of the full human indifference to them.

Modern political ideologies are characterized by a significant trend of development: they are actively lend each other's position, while promoting their synthesis.

There is another trend.This transformation into an independent ideology of nationalism.It attracts people that skillfully turns ordinary, even banal activities into a source of pride for the entire nation, it indicates the presence of elements of expression and desire for freedom.The man, convinced of this, begins to feel his own involvement in the community, responsibility, finds meaning in life.Thus its sense of alienation and loneliness.

No matter how strange, but in a society in which reigns cosmopolitanization, modernization, loss of roots and impersonal, the need for giving the meaning of life is not only not diminished, but on the contrary, only increases.And the more blurred are such natural association, as a family, clan, ethnic group, a nation, a community, the stronger the people striving to join the artificial communities: sects, parties, and so on. D.