Do I have to pick the flowers in potatoes or not?

Ogorodniki and even scientists, growers can not come to a consensus - whether to pick the flowers in potatoes or not.Some are in favor of removing them, because the bush to expend energy on the formation of berries and seeds, while the tubers do not have time to grow large and healthy.Others argue that each plant has its own life cycle, which interfere and interrupt it is not necessary.

To determine if flowering potatoes for the next harvest, the researchers conducted a study.They put three rows of the same variety and care for them.When it's time to bloom, first row left as is, the second cut all the flowers, and the third cut off the top.The result was that where the flowers of potatoes left, was formed, though not a lot of tubers, but the large, almost the same size.In the second row had more potatoes, but of unequal size, a lot of little things.Where cut the tops in each pit were about 30 tubers, but they were very small.

This experiment answered the question of "whether we should pick the flowers in potatoes."When the plant is injured, it affects the growth of the tubers.If you really want to encourage them, we should just pick the flowers and buds, not the shoots, flower stalks.In this case, the new shoots are not formed, and nutrients go directly to the tubers, which, in turn, grow larger.There are varieties that do not form a bloom or small inflorescences, in this case to interfere with the development of the plant is not worth it.

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deciding whether to pick the flowers in potatoes, should take into account soil and climate zone and weather conditions.In arid regions, wind and pollen are often sterile, so the development of the tuber it does not interfere.But in rainy weather enough nutrients around the bush, so his development can not worry.If the answer to the question of whether or not to pick the flowers in potatoes, the answer is likely to be negative than positive.Because flowering is not particularly affect the maturation of the tuber, but the damage to the bush may have a negative impact on future crop.

First, spend an inordinate amount of time to correct the plant.Secondly, as a result of walking between rows trample down the soil, which adversely affects the crop.Third, a person may carry on themselves agents of fungal, viral or bacterial diseases, it will infect all the bushes and spoil tubers, plucking flowers potatoes.Photo beautiful and healthy potatoes encourage gardeners to different experiments, but not all of them successful.Before cutting off any flowers do, you should check the result on several bushes, because each variety reacts differently.

In addition, many are interested in the question "whether to spud potatoes."This procedure is done to remove excess moisture and better soak the soil.For this reason, hilling need to do in rainy regions, but in an arid terrain that can only hurt, because the hot dry winds from the raised beds vyduyut remaining moisture.