The disease of tomatoes.

In February, when the ground is still covered with snow, many gardeners begin to care about the future of the crop: buy seeds, prepare the planting boxes and greenhouses.Growing tomatoes from small grains, surrounding them with care, all hoping to get a result in beautiful, juicy and ripe fruit, but some owners dreams will not come true.And all the fault of the disease, which in a short time destroy the plant.The question of how to fight phytophthora on tomatoes, many people are interested in, because the disease is able to nullify all the efforts and completely destroy the crop.

mainly in July, as the problem starts with the greenhouse seedlings, and the one that is growing in the open field.During this period there late blight on tomatoes.How to deal with the disease and whether it is possible to save the plant?Of course, it is best in June a prophylaxis for this suitable drugs such as "Zircon" and "fitosporin".Tomatoes growing outdoors, saving easier since they can be treated with one of the solutions containing copper.After that, the fruit can not be eaten for 3 weeks.In the greenhouse, spray tops copper solutions can not be directly used as the tomatoes.

How to save the tomatoes from late blight without resorting to dangerous drugs for health?Alternatively, one can use 5-% iodine per 1 ml to 1 liter of water.First we need to completely break off the affected leaves, such are yellow with black spots, then you need to liberally spray the stem and fruit.Re-treatment is carried out after 3 days.To the solution was rolled from the leaves, it is possible to add soap.

If you are interested in the question of how to fight phytophthora on tomatoes, it is worth trying to mulch the soil under the plants.This method greatly reduces the chances of the disease, because of its controversial micro-fungi that lives in the soil.If you are interested in how to fight phytophthora on tomatoes in a safe way, you should buy in a pharmacy 10% calcium chloride solution, diluted with water should be in the ratio of 1: 4.The resulting preparation is necessary to spray the flowers sepals and peduncle, because with them gets to phytophthora fruit.

Knowing how to fight phytophthora on tomatoes, you can save at least part of the crop.At the first sign you should immediately break nezavyazavshiesya flowers, because, on the one hand, they are a source of infection, and on the other, pull the juices out of the bush, preventing the ripening of fruits formed.This is followed by removing all spoiled, and lower leaves.The plant should gradually get rid of them, and by mid-July should leave only the tip, covering the latest poured brush.

At the end of the month should be prischipnut tomatoes, to suspend their growth.For more ripe fruit, you need to create a plant stress situation.For this part of the roots can be terminated, thereby reducing the supply of nutrients, reduce watering, not to make feeding.Under such circumstances, accelerate ripening tomatoes.