What Andersen wrote a fairy tale?

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How pleasant evening after classes cozy to curl up, to open the book with colorful pictures and glad for the brave soldier who tricked the witch with her huge dogs, laugh swaggering princess, who for the sake of artificial priborchik ready to kiss with a swineherd.You can cry over the bitter fate of the Little Mermaid, marvel at the courage of Eliza sitting in the dungeon and rescue their brothers, to dream with little Ida!These are the tales of Andersen wrote. Unforgettable, read out to the holes.

Never give

How happy it all began Kai and Gerda - they grew scarlet and white roses.They ran to each other's homes, played together and were waiting for Christmas.And it broke the cold evil queen who stole Kai and turned him into a soulless robot.Only the perseverance and courage of the little Gerda destroyed the evil spell.And how many helpers and friends, she found that there was a long and difficult way to make Kai!And again, in a little house blossomed happiness.

Andersen wrote fairy tales What else?Courageously she behaves soldiers from the fairy tale "The Tinder Box".He is not afraid of deep caves, with huge eyes, like a round tower, dogs.The soldier is able to outwit the King, to avoid the gallows, and marry the beautiful princess.

Love and sorrow

mermaid lived happily with her sisters in the underwater palace of his father, the king, only sorrow that she had no soul.She ispila horrible witch potion and rescued a drowning prince.

Prince fell in love with a beautiful girl silent as a sister.And to get an immortal soul, it was required that the prince married her.But things turned out quite differently.The prince fell in love with the princess and married her.A mermaid at dawn, the first rays of the sun turned into a cold foam.But the immortal soul it could get if three hundred years to do good things.These are the tales of Andersen wrote - that, despite all the losses and bitterness of the destroyed hopes, dreams will come true.We just want to wait.

Love and tenderness

on old, all in curls and patterns, cabinet stood on the pier-glass table porcelain shepherdess charming and handsome, a chimney sweep.Piper was just exactly like Prince.At night, all the figures that were in the room came to life.And once the shepherdess told that it will be given in marriage to a wooden goat-legged monster.He's very rich.All the drawers in his crammed with silver.But shepherdess did not want any wealth.And along with the chimney sweep, they decided to flee to the real world directly through the chimney stove.It was a tough way to go.At the edge of the pipe, they sat down to rest.

Around shining stars - are large and have been very close.Below them lay the tile roofs of the city.Fugitives have never seen such a huge world.Shepherdess scared much sobbing and request a home.And she conceded the chimney sweep, though it was unreasonable.They returned to their own little cozy little world.And no one it is not wooed.They were, as always, continue to love each other.

about tenderness, about the shattered hopes of pure love, which did not break any tests - these are the tales of Hans Christian Andersen wrote.

pride and contempt

With humor and irony Andersen mocks haughty princess who scornfully refused beautiful living roses and nightingales, sent her a gift Prince.But are burgher curious, she is ready to take its crafts and agreed to kiss him, disguised as a swineherd on a dirty backyard.

Prince swineherd laughs at stupid swaggering princess, and then presents it in its present form and said: "Now, I despise you."These are the tales of Andersen wrote that ridiculed fake, but real life value.

Who is Andersen?

listening to or reading "The Tale of the ugly duckling", many had no idea what he told her about himself.He fell a lot of testing before contemporaries recognized him as a beautiful swan.Son of Hans Christian washerwomen worked on tobacco and garment factories since childhood.He suffered hunger and misery, but still finished and the school, and university.He loved to travel, has traveled almost the whole of Europe.He particularly liked Italy.From there he brought a small collection of tales that glorify his name.And from then on, each year a little writing fairy tales and stories.What Andersen wrote a fairy tale?List is not infinite, but it is long.They make fun of stupid and vulgar, hostile life and beauty.Merciless satire he achieves in the "New Dress King."All the sympathy given to the ordinary people of the people ("The Little Match Girl," "Lost", "The Happiest of roses", "Five of a pod").They are naive and wise, simple and crafty.Immortal.