Oh, how beautiful you are, carefree youth!

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school - is a necessary stage in the development of man, his growing up.The school is due a lot of different emotions: a daily mental work, fear of getting a bad mark, lack of any knowledge, friendships with classmates, praise for good study, and so on.. But all this - the real-life experiences, and what they meanin a dream?

What a dream school?

Perhaps nowhere!The fact that not always the dreams of adults about the school may mean something.Most of them are "empty", because often they are only a reflection of the individual associations with the school years, that is. E. A kind of projection of real events in dreams ... But given the fact that the school is a symbol of learning and experience, can leada number of various interpretations.

What a dream school.Dream Miller

  1. most common "school" a dream - is to see himself as a young, returned to the school of your youth.The dream indicates that you are now experiencing is not the best time, yearning for youthful carelessness, carefree time ...
  2. If you see yourself as a schoolteacher, then waking experience craving for the humanities, but have to earn in another way.
  3. Continuing the theme I would like to point out what a dream school director.If they are right, you, the dream tells us that you have some of his values ​​and quiet joy, you - on your mind, the master of his happiness.If the director - a stranger, you can safely rely on climbing the corporate ladder!
  4. If you dream that you are writing a dictation, decide control and so on, then be prepared for some hard work, which you will certainly be fulfilled.The results will surprise you and even bring good profits!

Family dream book.What a dream school

  1. received a good grade?Congratulations, you are expected service achievements and other fun!
  2. not learned the lesson and received a "poor"?Well, in reality you will face new and unfamiliar thing ... If you're in a real life experience lack of knowledge, it will not be "too tough".
  3. You can see how going to school, enter into it, walking down the hall?Prepare for corrections of any errors in reality.
  4. If the school in a dream you had a bad accident, you know that in reality was a man who teach a lesson to you for a particular offense.
  5. What do you think, what a dream school in which you constantly meet their friends, loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, relatives and friends?Nothing good!In reality there is a risk of fraud on the part of a small circle above or hiding from you some important information.In the dream
  6. skip class?Ay-ay-ay, how bad it is!In real life, you can do something that will cause concern on the part of the people around you!

Friends, we gave you some of the most famous interpretations of what the dream school.Many downers associate this institution with a school of life, which is certainly going to teach you one or another life lesson.And this lesson will be repeated until you correct your mistakes!