Tell sonnik: wedding dress for yourself - for good or Hoodoo

Often we woke up to discover the dream book.Wedding dress on itself, seen in a dream, often frightens the girls, especially if they are married or, conversely, do not plan skrepyat relationship.Should I be afraid of this dream?Let's see what says on this subject dream book.Wedding dress on her, according to the dream book Fel, can mean pleasant change or just a pleasant life events.In addition, if a girl or a married woman sees on a wedding dress, it means that life for her pleasant and not annoying.But if it were that easy!The dress, the more the wedding has many interpretations.

Says another dream book.Interpretation of the wedding dress, if it is dirty, is the opposite.In this case, you are threatened with the loss of dear and close to you, maybe you will betray your best friend.Interestingly, that if the girl in the dream she sews a dress.she will receive good news soon.Who knows, maybe even a marriage proposal.Here is what a family dream book.Wedding dress on itself - a sure sign of the emergence of dedicated friends in your life.Again, according to the family dream book, dirty and torn wedding dress warns that your family is in danger.Be careful!

Dream book there are so many.Now popular so-called modern dream interpretation, which is adapted to the realities of the modern world.So here wedding dress is treated as a pleasant work with a circle of colleagues.Dirty same dress cautions that should take care of the loved ones, not to lose them.According to Miller's dream book, dream wedding dress - an increase in the service, to creative work.Dirty same thing - a harbinger of quarrels in the family.Here is what another dream book.Wedding dress on itself - a vivid symbol of the naked female body.As you might guess, this - Freud's dream book.Wedding Dress treated very interesting.So, if a woman shows her friends dress, she is proud of her beauty.If she looks at herself in the mirror in a dress, then her hidden desire for self-satisfaction.Wedding dress, captured and put in the closet, represents a complete disappointment in sexual and family life, extreme sexual dissatisfaction of women.Also it gives an interesting interpretation of the esoteric dream book.Wedding Dress for yourself to see - means that you think too much about what is happening now on the immediate problems or are worried about the upcoming event.Do not worry, everything will be fine.If a woman embroiders a dream wedding dress and sew it, you have to guard.Your plans are hanging by a thread, so they should not be excessively detailed, and think through all the details.

also interesting that said colored dream book.Wedding dress to wear gold - to the great joy and happiness.If the thing that puts a dream girl, dark - it promises misery and misfortune in life.It is also not very good, if the dress is stained.This means that someone will try to stain or tarnish the good name of the girl.If the dress is not long, but short, it is also better to be cautious - things may not go as good as we would like.Here is what the dream book.Svabednoe dress yourself to dream - generally a good sign.But of great importance for the interpretation of a state of things in general.