Why are there conflicts between parent and child?

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theme of intergenerational relationships is quite extensive.But there are the most common causes of conflict points that require special attention.No matter how careful and understanding may have been parents, and no matter how hard the children, conflict, alas, can not be avoided.It is a kind of stage adaptation of all family members.So why conflicts arise between the parents and the child.


reasons may be both general, and specific, related to the psychology of the relationship of close people.So why conflicts arise between the parents and the child?Much depends on the interaction between facial features, taken within the family.

There is a kind of harmonious relations, as well as its opposite.In the first case, the family formed the concept of reciprocity, everyone knows their role, and are close together on one side of the fence.Disharmonious type is characterized by a negative model of the relationship between spouses.Communication takes place with the attacks, accusations and hidden or explicit disrespect.Children in a family originally grow up with a sense of nagging anxiety.

Conflicts on the background of educational methods: overprotection and prohibitions

conflicts between the parents and the child often appear against a background of methods of education, which have a destructive force.Characteristic features of this are, first of all, the differences between the father and mother on the key issues.For example, one parent has just banned the child has a sweet, at the same time it offers a second insistently.This inconsistency leads not only to a lack of knowledge about children, but also to conflicts between adults.By destructive methods also include prohibitions and overprotection, excessive demands on children's achievements, as well as frequent comparing with others.Recommended to set standards of success within the family, as well as ways to encourage.Then the children formed a correct idea about the real life values ​​and priorities.

Crises age

crises of a certain age are more reason why conflicts arise between parents and children.Statistics of the occurrence of such situations is greater than 80%.During the transition period, the child is trying to revise the system of values, which has developed in the last age interval.Crises occur in the first, third and sixth year of life, during puberty, conditionally up to 14 years, and in adolescence range - up to 18.

Each of them has its own particular perception of the outside world and interpret different situations.The child begins to rebel in those cases that had not even been challenged.

Personal factors and the types of relationships

conflicts between the parents and the child often arise because of personal factors.The most common is the conservatism of the older generation.Not the fact of his existence.These include the reluctance to understand the new, listen to children's personal opinion, as a result - lack of respect their point of view.Although parents in response to demand unquestioning obedience and reverence of their many years of experience.This is very similar to the dictates of what is uniquely mistake adults.Sooner or later it will cause a corresponding reaction.That's why there are conflicts between parents and children.

What a way to communicate the representatives of different generations can be clearly seen on the types of relationships between older and younger, which are divided into:

• Optimal when everyone is happy as far as the situation allows.
• Required in which parents are interested in the affairs of the children, and they, in turn, are happy to share their thoughts.
• One-way or intrusive.This is most often the initiators adult conversations about the affairs of the younger generation.Reciprocal link is made from a sense of favors.
• ignored.When the children are happy to share their interests, but in return receive a parental indifference.Often the phrase sounds, "but what can you show the new" and stuff like that.
• When the lifestyle of younger is the reason for conflict.At the same right to provide older.
• When the choice of the younger generation to provoke conflicts with parents, with the right to provide children.
• Mutual disregard when no one shows interest in the affairs of another.Children and parents are often forced to live on the same territory, as in this case, in fact, strangers.

why conflicts?

Why are there conflicts between parent and child?Due to adolescents and their behavior.Here, in fact, it is not so simple.Teens and parents of the conflict in accordance with the following types:

• Senior constantly raise the bar of success for the child, he eventually tired of fighting for the championship.
• Sverhzabota manifested in excessive parental care and intervention in all spheres of life.
• Total control, dictate, to take the slightest hint of the parents the child's independence.
• credibility when everyone is trying to prove their case, no matter what it takes.

Children often react following behaviors: confrontation, disobedience, and insulation.

experience - this is important

we understand why conflicts arise between parents and children.What are the ways to avoid such situations?Perhaps such recommendations will not be able to give no one qualified psychologist.The fact that such a situation contribute to the emergence of a certain experience, which is very important for the formation of a full-fledged personality.To prevent the valuable lessons you should not, and will not work, even with a great desire.

equal dialogue

To make it easier to experience natural moments to consider the main reasons why conflicts arise between parents and children.As they can be resolved - the question that interests many.Benefit yourself and the family as a whole can be brought if the perceived contradictions arising as normal healthy development of relations.No need to argue, it is better to listen to the views of the child and explain his.It will be a dialogue, not a debate.If the children are still small enough, should review its system of prohibitions.

to replace "no" to "let's try another."Babies cost anything to ban only in case of emergency or impossibility of what is happening.The rest of the situation can be resolved peacefully.This approach is always possible to find an answer to the question why there are conflicts between parents and children.How to solve them is to tell the experience of past years.

Listen to your child

If a child present parents were not allowed to have an opinion, then your child must change radically this situation.It is necessary to hear their own child.Then you should not worry about his unmet needs, because mom and dad will know what is actually needed.


Before asking someone why there are conflicts between the parents and the child, should ask themselves this question.You must put yourself in the place of the younger generation, open your mind to something new.Dictate should be replaced by a choice granted to children.It is important to be consistent with respect to their child, that is, to keep promises.