Hooks on carp.

Carp - is perhaps the most common fish in the local waters.Hunt it mainly by means of rods, and thus using the hook.And though the special hooks for catching carp does not exist, but their choice should be taken very seriously.Because it is from this largely depends on the success of fishing.

What is the hook?

In order to answer the question about what kind of hook for catching carp suit you best, you need to first understand of what it actually is.

So, any standard hook has the main parts:

  • Sting.
  • ring (it is also the ear).
  • beard.
  • hooked.
  • forearm.

Each of them can have their functional characteristics in different types of hooks.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to other characteristics that distinguish the fishing gear (in this case hooks) apart.This size, thickness, shape, and even color.

What size should be hooks on the carp?

carp have a disproportionately small mouth on a background of the head and body.Perhaps this is due to the fact that the fish is very rarely completely swallow the hook.Typically, the tip just clings to the edge of his lips.

Consequently, the size of the hook in the carp can not be large.Choose the smallest need to "model" that only exist on the market.

Of course, a single standard is not, in fact play a role and value of Karasik in the pond where fishing is planned, and the type of bait that will be used ... Experienced fishermen are able to pick up all this in mind the size of their own.Well recommend beginners to start to dwell on № 5-7 (maximum that you can afford in some cases - it is number 16).Over time, through trial and error is required to be able to define your razmerchik.

numbering hooks Important features

should, however, be noted that the number of hooks have a single system - and this should be remembered.It all depends on the manufacturer and the country.For example, the domestic classification is assigned to small hooks corresponding number: 1 - Minimum 2 - a little more and then - on the rise.But from foreign manufacturers classification is quite different.There hook size is inversely proportional to its number.That is the smallest - are 32, 31, 30, and the biggest - 1,2,3.Thus, choosing the size of the hook in the carp for imported products, need to focus on product with figures within the third ten.The rest will be too great.

form hook and stings

As for the shape of the hook, the ideal option would be a classic roundness.But on the configuration of the tip (the tip), there are different opinions.

Many foaming at the mouth to prove that there is nothing better for carp (ie fishermen) than the sting, bent inward.They are motivated by the fact that Karasik - whimsical fish, cautious, Frightening.And so the hook is able to deceive the vigilance of her - in fact keen senses at once, and when it is too late to do something.In addition, with a curved tip to come off is almost impossible - there's tremble, do not tremble, and you will get ear.Well, the last argument is experienced fishermen say that the hooks on the carp with the sting of this configuration is much more durable than their straight "counterparts."

Specialists shape sting associated with the peculiarities of fishing and bait.But this - a little later.

thick or thin?

hooks are different not only in size and shape, but also the thickness of the wire from which they are made.And this value in this case, so to speak, the variable.Hooks for catching carp can sometimes be thick and sometimes - quite tonyusenkoy.It all depends on the type of bait used.

if the proposed fish worm, maggots or, especially, bloodworms, then as a "rotisserie" for the "kebabs" should take a thin hook (with a wire diameter of less than 0.5 millimeter).This will allow the bait to remain mobile, and therefore attractive to hungry carp.Experts say that walking can be a delicate crochet and large animals - the only thing they need to pull out of the water slowly, as carefully as possible, avoiding sudden jerks.

Well, if "lunch" at carp porridge, crumb, grain or dough, the wire should be thick (0.5 mm).Such a bait to "slender" hook just will not stay long.

Color hook

As surprising as this fact did not seem unsophisticated people in fishing, but for catching carp has a value, even the color of the hook!What can you do, fishing tackle - is a tricky business!

Seasoned "masters of fishing rods," know that the golden rule is: "The color of the hook should not differ greatly from the surface of the floor."This is logical, because otherwise "tool" will be evident and will scare away the fish.

As for the particularly carp, it is best to bite dark hooks.Therefore, usually fishermen or buy ready-made black or repaint their own, which is not difficult.

Features hook depending on the method and type of fishing bait

universal rule does not exist in any other sphere of activity.That's hooks on the carp can not (and should not!) Always meet certain requirements.Recent vary depending on the specific situation.

As mentioned above, many anglers are advised to choose the hooks with inward curved tip.But experts clarify: when it comes to bottom fishing, which involves long range fishing.In this case, the distance does not allow the fisherman to respond quickly to Poquelin, and curved hook solves the problem.Quickly carp "jump off" with such a sting can not, and the hunter time to pull the prey from the water.

But there is a caveat: in the case of use as bait bloodworms, even when fishing the far (though the bottom, although float) suitable exclusively hooks Direct sting.

They, according to experts, are ideal for the usual float fishing and not scare the fish, as is commonly believed.She did not notice the open sting, as it will be keen seductive bait.

way, if the dough is baited and similar "dishes", there is a great risk of losing the nozzle during casting it into the water.You can hedge using a hook, equipped with a small spring which wrapped forearm.

those who like to catch carp on the foam, it must be remembered that the size of the hook has to be slightly larger than when using bloodworm, maggots, worms, dough, barley and other types of bait.

forend hook is better to choose a long, if caught on a worm.In all other cases - only a short version.

Tips experienced anglers

Well, even some practical advice from experienced fishermen on the hooks:

Hooks on carp (like any other) should be primarily qualitative.Better to save on bait than on the hook.

Qarase caught using odnopoddevnyh (single) hooks.All other (two and trehpoddevnye) - for large carnivores.

  • Ring eyelet should be straight.
  • Well, when the forearm twice longer than the width of the bend.
  • sting of the hook should be perfectly sharp beard - tenacious and hardening - sufficient.
  • advisable to choose hooks to the head in the form of rings.
  • Store hooks better near a magnet.Magnetized hook somehow more attracted carp.

That's all tricks, that will help to cheat ushlogo carp.The main thing is to take a careful selection of gear - and fishing will be successful.Suppose you're lucky!