Anna Ivanovna: During the reign of history and merits to Russia

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for Russian weapons in 1709 was full of glorious victories.Under Poltava Peter the Great defeated the army of the Swedish king Charles the Twelfth - Russian troops successfully drove them from the Baltics.To strengthen its influence in the conquered lands, Peter decided to give one of his many relatives of the Duke of Courland Friedrich Wilhelm.

Emperor turned to his brother's widow Praskovya Fyodorovna advice: one of her daughters, she wants to give the prince?And because she did not like scary groom-stranger, she chose unloved seventeen year old daughter Anna.This was the future Empress Anna Ivanovna.

children and youth of the future empress

Anna was born January 28, 1693 in Moscow, the son of the elder brother of Peter the Great Ivan Fifth.She spent her childhood in Izmailovo with her mother and her sisters.As noted by contemporaries, Anna Ivanovna was a child withdrawn, silent and uncommunicative.From an early age it was taught to read and write, German and French.Read and write, she learned, but dancing and secular manner the princess had not mastered.

Wedding Anna celebrated October 31, 1710 in the unfinished St. Petersburg Menshikov Palace.Early next year, Anna Ivanovna and the Duke of Courland went to the capital of Mitau.But in a way, Wilhelm unexpectedly died.So the princess became a widow after only a few months after the wedding.

years before the reign of Anna

Peter the Great ordered Anna had the right to Kurland.Realizing that he was not a very intelligent cousin will not serve the interests of Russia in the duchy, he sent along with her Peter Bestuzhev-Ryumin.In 1726, when the Bestuzhev-Ryumin withdrawn from Courland, Anna appeared at the court of Ernst Johann Biron - who failed in Koenigsberg University nobleman.

After the death of Peter the Great Russian Empire happened thing hitherto quite unheard of - the throne of Russian tsars rose woman!The widow of Peter I, Catherine.Rules it is almost two years.Shortly before her death, the Privy Council decided to choose as the grandson of Emperor Peter the Great, Peter I.He ascended the throne at the age of eleven, but died of smallpox at fourteen.

condition or execution of members of secret societies

Supreme Privy Council decided to call Anna to the throne, thus limiting its autocratic power.They made a "standard", which were formulated by the conditions under which Anna Ivanovna was invited to take the throne.According to this paper without the authorization of the Privy Council, it could not declare war on anyone, to conclude peace agreements, to command the army or guard, raise or impose taxes, and so forth.

January 25, 1730 representatives of the secret society was brought "condition" in Metavu and Duchess, agreeing to all the restrictions, signed them.Soon, the new Empress Anna Ivanovna arrived in Moscow.There February 25 representatives of the Moscow nobility filed her petition with the request not to accept condition and autocratic rule.And Empress listened to them.It is a public document and tore dispersed Supreme Privy Council.Its members were exiled and executed, and Anna was crowned in the Assumption Cathedral.

Anna Ivanovna: During the reign of the beloved favorite and influence policy

During the reign of Anna Ivanovna was created by the Cabinet, in which the main role was played by one of the associates of Peter the First Vice Chancellor Andrei Osterman.Ernst Biron favorite of the Empress did not interfere in politics.Although Anna Ivanovna reigned alone, during the reign of her in Russian historiography known as Biron.

In January 1732 the imperial court moved to St. Petersburg.Here, Anna, lived a long time in Europe, feel comfortable, than in Moscow.Foreign policy in the reign of Anna Ivanovna was a continuation of the policy of Peter the Great: Russia fights for the Polish Succession, and goes to war with Turkey, during which Russian troops have lost a hundred thousand people.

merits before the state Russian Empress

what else to do for Russia Anna Ivanovna?During the reign of its marked development of new territories.The government won the fortress of Azov, the steppe between the Bug and Dniester, but without the right to keep the ships in the Black Sea.Starts the Great Northern Expedition, studied Siberia and the Arctic Ocean and Kamchatka.

by decree of Empress begins one of the most ambitious construction projects in the history of the Russian Empire - the construction of a colossal system of fortifications along the southern and south-eastern borders of European Russia.This large-scale construction, which began in the reign of Anna Ivanovna, can be called the first cultural and social projects of the Russian Empire in the Volga.On the eastern border of the European part of the empire act Orenburg expedition, to which the government of Anna Ivanovna poses numerous challenges.

Illness and death of the sovereign

While on the borders of the empire cannon thundered and died for the glory of the sovereign soldiers and nobles, the capital lived in luxury and entertainment.Anna was a weakness and hunting.The rooms were always Peterhof Palace loaded guns, of which the Empress shot by a passing bird.She loved to surround himself with courtiers and jesters.

But not only know how to shoot and have fun Anna Ivanovna, during the reign of it related to the very serious public affairs.Ten years of rule by the Empress, and all these years, Russia has built, fought and expand the boundaries.October 5, 1740 for lunch and Empress lost consciousness, having been ill for twelve days, died.