I lost right?

You lost the right.What to do?Do not panic.The situation is nasty but not hopeless.It would take, of course, the inevitable hassle and cost some money, but it is solved.

So, first make sure that you really lost the right, but not stuck in a hurry somewhere.Search the all the places where they may be, check hidden pockets on clothes and bags department.Search the car thoroughly and desk drawers.Polls acquaintances, which came recently (suddenly inadvertently put away?).Cases of "loss" and the subsequent "discovery" (when it is ready to duplicate) is not so rare.

did not find?Then the serious business.We'll have to get new ones.The point is not so fast, will take at least 2 months.As long as you can ride with a temporary permit to drive, issued by the traffic police for your application and is valid for 1-2 months.But as long as you do not have and are sent to the traffic police on foot or by public transport.Driving without a license is not highly appreciated.

How to restore the rights?First.Call to help the traffic police of his district and find out which division issued a driver's license.Information is also available on their website.

second.You collect the necessary documents.It is a passport (preferably Ordinary), a medical certificate (valid), two photographs of 3x4.As well as a document certifying training at a driving school.It would be nice to have a copy of the rights, or even a photo.

third.Dispatched traffic police department find the lost / stolen rights (there must be a) and write a statement saying that he had lost the rights.If you have lost the rights in the event of natural disaster, fire, you should be sure to specify it.If you do not lose rights, and they were stolen, you need to attach a certificate from the police.

fourth.Obtain the necessary forms to fill in and pays the state fee for the issuance of a temporary permit (about 500 rubles).

fifth.After receiving a temporary license, ride with him about 2 months.During this time, the traffic police check your request (whether those rights are lost, and not seized by DPS).Then again, pays a visit to the traffic police.Give up temporal resolution photo (if a duplicate of the rights will be made on paper, if the plastic, do not need a photo) and pay the legal costs of the new law.It is 400 rubles for the paper version and 800 - for plastic.

On 01.03.11 in the territory of the Russian Federation granted the right to a new model, plastic, with automated manufacturing at the place of receipt.Photo made on the spot and pay a state fee of 800 rubles to be anyway.

When a new driver's license (including the situation when he lost his right) re-take the theory and driving is not necessary.But in the case of loss or other loss of rights it is very important to have a document on training in a driving school and pass the exam.If supporting documents no problems getting an order of magnitude greater.

way to get new rights can not in every traffic police.If you are registered at the place of residence will be no problems.Visit any branch of the traffic police of his federal subject.If the address registration and actual residence are not the same, the situation is more complicated.There is a temporary residence registration - good.Can you get the right place, the problems should arise.None of it - will have to go to restore the rights to their region.

After some time, you can take a new identity with the word "duplicate" (in the "special notes").That's all it differs from the old one.

Now it's time to reflect on how to more reliably protect your documents from being stolen or lost.Having lost a lot of time in queues and giving a few hundred rubles for his own distraction, inevitably will become more organized and less forgetful.