Inverted cross as a symbol of magic, power and ... Satanism!

inverted cross - a rather controversial character.On the one hand, it is a sign of the sword as a battle of the Christian forces, and on the other - with the humility of Jesus Christ (in the understanding of Catholics).In addition, it is a symbol of one of the saints - the apostle Peter, who was crucified on it during the reign of Emperor neurons do not accept any Christian ideas.

Why the apostle Peter?

What do you think, why Peter was crucified upside down on the cross?It happened at his own request!The fact that he chose the future saint is "an instrument of punishment" because he thought himself unworthy to die like Jesus.It was a kind of remorse Peter for his threefold denial of Christ the Savior.

What does the inverted cross?

its official value he received in Catholic symbolism.He is depicted on the throne of the Pope.Today it is quite ambiguous judgments and estimates.In addition, the inverted cross belongs to the ancient sun god Apollo and the Norse god of thunder storms and the Torah.However, its most common meaning, this symbol has got, of course, Satanists.

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symbol of Satanism

Generally, Satanism - are certain beliefs and ideology, is interpreted through the power and freedom of the greatest devil of all time - Satan.The attributes of the followers of Lucifer: fire, snakes, wolves, cats, goats and communication with the underworld.Visually Satanists have one the most distinctive symbol - inverted cross.This kind of hatred and mockery of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.Him as a pendant worn around the neck almost all followers of Satan.This sign is even present in the music albums of famous foreign artists.

You may ask why the inverted cross is a symbol of Satanists?It's simple!The fact is that the Latin cross has four closure: God the Father - is the pinnacle, God the Son and God the Spirit - the two side end and the fourth (bottom) - is Satan.Accordingly, if you turn the Latin cross, it is possible to elevate the Lucifer of the entire Holy Trinity, which is what his followers - Satanists.That is why this cross has become the undisputed symbol of the Antichrist.

Symbol Magic

As mentioned above, this cross is a symbol of the death of St. Peter the Apostle.Unfortunately, this character does not mean humility and repentance before Jesus Christ ... In this age thrive various subcultures, which does not apply such words as "integrity," "repentance," "humility."They use an inverted cross - is a serious challenge to Christianity.The pictures are accompanied by an inverted cross often certain magical rites.

Cross - a fetish of our time?

Today Orthodox crosses and satanic - is a subject of religious and anti-Christian worship.However, referring to the origins of Christianity, you can see that Jesus himself and his student (for example, Matthew Levi) did not honor crosses, do not use the cross.The fact that the earlier Christians nothing is objectified, and certainly not in need of some characters!Their distinctive sign was ... love to all people.And Christ said to his disciples: "Love one another as I love you all ..."