Why can not a Muslim to eat pork?

Why can not a Muslim to eat pork?The answer to this simple question lies, of course, not in the taste of pork, and religious values.The fact that Muslim ban on pork entirely based on their faith - Islam.We'll talk more about that.

the main scripture of the Muslims - the Koran - set out requirements that they must be strictly observed.Only in this way a Muslim can get closer to their god - Allah.It is He who, according to Scripture, imposed a ban on the meat.In the Qur'an, detailed not only all that, why can not a Muslim to eat pork, but also many other precepts upon which to build any Muslim and the laws and rules of conduct.

modern view

interesting that modern research in this area showed that the pig has a complicated system of urine.For this reason, its meat is much uric acid.People eating pork, consume almost 90% of the acid, which, of course, adversely affects their body.In addition, veterinarians say that pigs meat often contains parasite eggs of the tapeworm.In general, eating pork, we are risking their health.

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Muslims and pork

Let's go back to the main topic of this article.Unfortunately, the true reasons for the prohibition on pork , recorded in the sacred Islamic primary sources, we do not know.However, today formally adopted the next version of why Muslims can not eat pork.The fact that Islam is intended to ensure the safety of not only Muslim souls, and their bodies, and, as you know, to observe the holy writ - is the foundation of all life of the Muslim!

in the Qur'an about why you can not eat pork Muslim states: "A person should consume only quality food, he must give up the blood, carrion and pork, but in this case he will be able to count on forgiveness by itselfGod and save his own life. "

Christians and pork

Friends, here you are asking, "Why can not a Muslim to eat pork?" - And why no one wants to know why the Christians banned its use?It is clear that many of you are very much surprised, but it's true!I myself learned about it not so long ago!The fact that the Christian ban on the use of pork is directly related to the fact that Christ in the New Testament brings a comparison of pigs and dogs with people who are not able to feel the Divine Revelation!It is known that eating dogs - a sin.However, this is not considered as such, if a Christian is forced to consume this food for the sake of their own salvation.Same thing with pork.

myth of Muslims

There is a legend that pork was forbidden in tropical countries because there were no refrigerators, and pork with incredible speed ports.Allegedly, this is the reason why a whole has generated a prescription in the Quran.But, of course, it is not so!This is a profound mistake, which was seriously hurting the feelings of any person of the Islamic faith.Therefore, my friends, be careful not to talk about this legend in the community of Muslims.Otherwise, you just show them your bad manners and ignorance!