How to choose the caviar

Red caviar, as well as Olivier and mandarins, today has become a fixture of the New Year's feast.This delicacy is firmly settled in modern gourmet menu, if not daily, so festive for sure.

time immemorial salmon roe has been the main products included in the diet of fishermen and hunters in the Far East.A large number of fish from which to retrieve current delicacy caviar even allowed to use instead of bread, and fried, dried or boiled.This product has been available for almost everyone, because of the abundance of little appreciated, and no one thought much about how to choose the right calf.For the first time in the Far East roe transported to Russia in the XVII century.The truth is it is not in great demand, because very few people know how to cook.Only in the early twentieth century, caviar smart enough to pass through a strong solution of salt and mix with the oil.After that, she began to rapidly gain popularity and be produced in large volumes.Today there was a lot of factories that produce this delicacy, so before you buy you need to be sure to ask how to choose the caviar.Of course, to help the consumers were established some rules of manufacture.Now, how to choose the caviar tell GOST 1629-97.

salmon roe attracts gourmets not only with its amazing taste, but also a variety of useful properties.In addition to the rich content in the composition of iron, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid and other essential trace elements delicacy almost the third part consists of a protein that is very rapidly absorbed, and includes a variety of polyunsaturated fatty acids.These substances greatly increase brain activity and are necessary to maintain good vision.An important feature of a protein is its ability to help in the reconstruction of cells and normalization of pressure.An interesting fact is that red caviar is much higher than than the calorie content of milk or meat, but it contains no fat and carbohydrates.The only harmful component in all the favorite foods is holestirol, which can cause cardiovascular disease.But he successfully neutralized lecithin, which also stimulates the immune system and increase in, say, even prevents aging.

To all the nutrients reached their goal is very important to know how to choose the caviar.Experts advise to carefully study all that is written on the label.In addition to indicating that the product was manufactured according to GOST or other specifications, the package must necessarily be in the form of information about the fish as a brand, and the list is not allowed to have the composition of more than two preservatives.Taking a tin can in hand, the buyer does not have to hear the gurgling sounds.Date of manufacture and other marking quality product are the top cover, wherein the symbols embossed on the inside.Also on the manufacturer's label must indicate the address of the production and shelf life of the product.Based on this information, any buyer would know how to choose the caviar.

Many fans of this delicacy is not particularly trust the producers, so interested in how to properly salted caviar, preferring to cook it yourself at home.At first glance, this idea seems impossible, but it is actually not that difficult.For the preparation of quality and tasty dishes need water, eggs and salt at the rate of 3: 1: 1.The hardest part of this process - the release of eggs from the film.To cope with the first object, the eggs immersed in saline solution for a time from five minutes to an hour, depending on how long you plan to store the finished product.Next, you need to drain the fluid, shifting the eggs in a gauze bag, and then put them in a container, pouring on top of a little bit of vegetable oil.It was formed on the surface of a thin film that does not dry out dishes.Opened jars can be stored no more than five days, but usually much sooner emptied containers.