Financial report

Any financial report is mandatory and very important part of the annual report.His goal - to ensure the collection of information about the entity's financial position, financial performance, any changes in the position for a year.This report reflects the effectiveness of management.

represented in the documents of this nature the data must be clear (to give a good idea of ​​the company), significant (allowing to evaluate the results of the work), reliable (no errors, distortions and deviations from the truth), comparable (to determine trends in the functioning of the enterprise).

financial report must be in strict compliance with the permissible period (reports are daily, weekly, quarterly, annually).Financial information has restrictions on benefits and costs, that is, the benefits derived from its preparation must exceed the cost of it.Reports on cash and cash desk make up every day, in terms of sales - weekly, monthly, management - monthly and quarterly financial - once or twice a year.

financial report is intended to prepare the information for its various users.It may be necessary to creditors of the enterprise or raw material suppliers, who want to find out whether the company is creditworthy.Shareholders and investors know about the profitability reports, government agents use such data for tax collection or external control of the company.

most important forms of reporting on the conduct of Finance are: balance sheet, income, cash flows.

main document - balance sheet financial report - reflects the accounting balance of assets, capital and liabilities on a particular point in time.It consists of assets and liabilities, which in principle should be equal sbalansivannosti.Under Russian law, the balance sheets are drawn up for the 1st quarter, one half, 9 months and for the whole year.

assets are material resources owned by the company and have a cash value.They come by material (equipment, raw materials, machinery, etc.) and intangible (ownership rights).Liabilities - are financial debts and obligations of the company or enterprise.They appear when you make loans, loans.

To assess the effectiveness of the company makes statements of operations and cash flows.First of all, the profit and loss account over a certain period reflects all income and expenses of the enterprise.This report summarizes the first revenues (gross sales) and expenses (costs), then the latter is deducted from the first to reflect the net revenue of the organization.

Financial cash flow statement provides guidance information about all payments and receipts of funds for a certain period.This document helps to evaluate the three resulting flow of funds: financial, investment and operational, explaining where they came from and what the money was spent.

preparation of financial statements is the responsibility of organizations and enterprises in the general regime of taxation.The documents should be systematically compiled and made available to the tax authorities.

Each financial report is accompanying explanations.They should include information about the methods of accounting at the company, description of individual items of assets and liabilities, the data on the structure of shareholders' equity, information on transactions off balance sheet items (options, swaps, forward contracts, and others.).Most explanations are given more information about the status of the company in financial terms than the actual reports.