Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God " Hodegetria ": history, significance.Where is the icon of the Mother of God " Hodegetria "

Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria" ranked as one of the iconographic types.If you believe the legend, the icon was written in ancient times by St. Luke.In Russia, the "Hodegetria" appeared only in the XI century.Only in the XII century, it became known as Smolensk, when it was placed in the church of the Assumption of Smolensk.

What pray icon?

Prayer Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God for centuries revered by many Christians and helps accomplishes incredible miracles.Smolensk "Hodegetria" is considered the patron of travelers, they ask her to keep them in the way of unpleasant situations, various illnesses, unforeseen troubles.Also, she prayed all the suffering, asking to protect and save your house from detractors and enemies.Throughout history, Christians have asked for help from the Smolensk Mother of God in times of serious epidemics.

type icons Name

icons - Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria".Otherwise, it calls it "Putevoditelnitsa."It's not only a particular icon, the title of one of the types of writings Marian compositions.

Iconography is divided into several types of writings:

  • Eleussa - Affection.
  • Oranta - worshipers.
  • Hodegetria - Putevoditelnitsa.
  • Panahranta - Immaculate.
  • Agiosoritissa (excluding infants).

In other words, all the icons of the Virgin are divided into groups, each of which has its own peculiarities of writing images.To identify the icon, you need only determine how the space it shows the faces of the Christ Child and the Mother of God.

What characterizes the icon "Hodegetria"?Here the image of the Child bit remote from the image of the Mother.Christ or she is sitting on its hands, or standing beside.The right hand holds the Christ Child, raised in a gesture of blessing.With his other hand he holds a book or scroll, symbolizing God's law.One theory why an icon is named "Putevoditelnitsey": indicates a believer that the right path - the path to Christ.Virgin hand points to the Child as "Truth, the way of life" to which all believers should aspire wishing to escape.

description of ancient icons

According to Church tradition miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk written in the earthly life of the Virgin Mary.A masterpiece created Saint Luke the Evangelist.Work ordered Theophilus - the ruler of the ancient Antioch.From Antioch the icon was brought to Jerusalem and then later the Empress Evdokia presented her sister Pulcheria emperor in Constantinople.Here, an icon for a long time kept in the Blachernae church.

board that was used to write icons, much has changed under the pressure of time.Now it is difficult to determine from a tree is carried out.By weight it is very heavy.Mother of God is depicted to the waist.With his left hand, she supports the Infant Jesus, the right resting on his chest.Divine Infant in her left hand holds a scroll, and the right to make a gesture of blessing.Clothing Virgin Mary dark coffee color, Jesus - dark green with gold.

This helps Virgin?

save peace and calm on the ground and in every home will Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria".Prayers offered to the Virgin, safeguard the people who are in military service, anyone who protects the peace of the motherland.Pray it and during outbreaks of various diseases.Protects "Hodegetria" and everyone who is in a way to protect against accidents, helping to find the right path.

hearing the prayers of the earth, helps us to reach out to the lady of God, his Son, begging to forgive our sins, saved from the wrath of the righteous.Strong helper, protector Hodegetria, but who it helps?

only bogoboyaschimsya, bogonravnym, praying helps the Mother of God, protect from terrible afflictions and evil.Do not have fear of the Lord, corruption is not coming to the aid of the Mother of God.There is nothing surprising in this.His iniquity, sinful people act a second time crucified the truth of Christ.But what mother will help the enemies of his son?Mother of God is kind of repentant sinners, for those who come to God through repentance, tears and prayers asking for help.Helps Virgin such sinners, everyone who wants to be on the right path, fix their mistakes, to start a life of righteousness.She cares about penitents, those who, like the prodigal son returning to the faith of Christ, confess and ask for forgiveness and deliverance from the burden of sin.Of those who do not repent of their sins, does not provide for the soul does not care the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.The story of

in Russia at the beginning of the second millennium of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX (1042-1054) gave his daughter in marriage to the beautiful Anna Russian Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich.The long road he blessed it "Hodegetria" - the miraculous icon.She was accompanied on the road by the princess of Constantinople to the Chernigov principality.According to one version, and was therefore an icon named "Hodegetria", ie Putevoditelnitsey.

son Vsevolod Yaroslavich Monomakh has always been a visionary, wise and diplomatic statesman of his time.He became famous as a peacemaker in his native land.He hoped not only to earthly powers, and turned to prayer for help to the Mother of God, asking for help to send his reign in the right direction.With great reverence, he brought miraculous "Hodegetria" of Smolensk in the city of Chernigov.They placed it in the church of the Assumption, which was founded in 1101.Since that time, and he received the "Hodegetria" name - the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.With God's help, Vladimir Monomakh managed to subdue the rebellious princes and become a great ruler in Russia, where he established peace and calm.

Wonders of the icon.Mercury feat

Many miracles have been quite the icon "Hodegetria", but the most remarkable for the Smolensk considered rescue him from the Tatar invasion.In 1239 it was the miraculous icon of the Smolensk Mother of God saved the city from the invasion of the enemy.The residents realized that they could not repel a formidable attack of the Tatars and warm prayers, petitions of the world turned to the Virgin Mary.Great to hear their pleas Patroness.Tatars stopped not far from the city walls.

In times of those in Smolensk squad served as a devout Slav named Mercury.He was elected to the Mother of God for the salvation of the city.On the night of November 24 in the Temple, where he kept the Smolensk icon of the Virgin was the sexton vision.The Virgin appeared to him and told him to pass Mercury, so he boldly walked into an armed camp of the enemy and destroy their main giant.

heard these words from the sexton, Mercury immediately rushed to the Temple.He fell in prayer before the holy icons and heard a voice.Our Lady requested and instructions to Mercury that he shielded her house Smolensk from the enemy.Hero has been warned that it was on this night Horde giant decided to attack the city and destroy it.Mother of the Son, and begged God to protect her and not to betray the enemy homeland.Christ the power of Mercury had to defeat the giant, but a victory for him and instead of the expected martyrdom, which he takes from Christ her.

Joyful tears came from his eyes Mercury, praying fervently calling for help power of the Lord, he went to the camp of the enemy and defeated them giant.Only it hoped Tatars unknown force before the battle.Enemies surrounded Mercury, with incredible power, he fought with them, seeing in front of the face of the Holy.After an exhausting battle hero lay to rest.Rescued Tatar saw a sleeping Mercury, cut off his head.

Lord did not allow the enemy to leave the profane body of the martyr, he gave him the last of his strength.Mercury, though he still alive, went into the city and brought his severed head.With great honors his body was buried in the cathedral church.Mercury also canonized.In memory of his feat accomplished with the help of the Mother of God for the salvation of the city every year on that day (24 November) make a thanksgiving service and all-night vigil in front of the "Odigitria".In the Smolensk Cathedral of the Epiphany is still stored shoes and iron Shishak, who were on Mercury that fateful night.

Arrival icons in Moscow

Tatar-Mongol yoke is not yet fully been defeated, and a new enemy has oppressed Russia from the west.On the western border of Smolensk it became one of the most significant objects.Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria" in those days was the dashing patron and protector of the city.

for a short period of time in the XIV Century Smolensk came under the control of the Lithuanian princes, "Hodegetria" appeared at the heterodox.

But here saved the image of God's providence.The daughter of one of the Lithuanian princes Vitovt, Sophia married Vasily Dmitrievich (1398-1425), Grand Duke of Moscow.I brought it with him to the holy image of the white-stone.So it was in 1398 Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria" in Moscow.It was installed in the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the right of the Royal Doors.

Moscow residents immediately feel the grace emanating from the ancient "Hodegetria".More than half a century, she worshiped and honored the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.But the will of God was destined to return to the Mother of God in his house in Smolensk - the temple of the Assumption, in order to protect the Orthodox there, oppressed Lithuanian princes and missionaries.

Return to Smolensk

In 1456 returned home icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk.The value for the people of his she had tremendous.All the inhabitants were waiting for her return as a miracle.And in Moscow to send a delegation, headed by its Bishop Misael.They tearfully asked the Grand Duke, to whom he sent home to the Virgin of Smolensk.The prince and the boyars was holding council then decided to fulfill the request.Before "Hodegetria" went to Smolensk, was shot with her accurate list.

Many people then gathered in the Church of the Annunciation.He was first committed prayer and liturgy.The whole family gathered at the prince's icons: the prince, princess and their children - Boris, John and Yuri, little Andrew have on hand.With reverence they venerated the icon.Then, with tears in the eyes of the prince with the Metropolitan took out the shrine of Kyoto, it passed into the hands of Bishop Misael.Suggested been in Smolensk and other icons that once brought out, although the bishop did not ask about it.Only one icon for the Metropolitan asked to leave the princely family - Virgin and Child with the eternal.She has been blessed with all of the princely family.Gladly accepted the Duke icon and kissed her.

After that the procession held the Smolensk icon to the monastery of Mar Saba, which is located in the Virgin's Field.There was accomplished the last prayer service, after which the icon went to Smolensk.

At the behest of Prince granted him the icon was placed in the Church of the Annunciation is the place where for many years there was Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria".Every day prayer was accomplished.List made the Smolensk icon, the Grand Duke left in his family.

exact list of the Smolensk icon was made in 1602.In 1666, he and Samuel "Hodegetria" for restoration were taken to Moscow.The list has been established at the Smolensk fortress wall (in the tower) just above the Dnieper gates.In 1727 there was a wooden church established.In 1802 they built a stone church.This icon for many years protected the city from the worst of troubles and misfortunes.

war with Napoleon in 1812

When hordes of Napoleon attacked the Russian land to protect the Shrine from desecration, Smolensk Bishop Irenaeus of ancient Greek image of the "Odigitria" ferried to Moscow, where she was kept in the Assumption Cathedral.

After Russian troops left Smolensk, a list of miracle-working "Hodegetria", made in 1602, had taken them with him from the city.

On the eve of the Battle of Borodino Smolensk icon of the Mother of the soldiers helped to gain confidence in his victory, inspire the deed."Hodegetria" carried through the camp of the Russian army, soldiers, looking, praying at her and took on faith and spiritual strength.

On the day when the Battle of Borodino, Smolensk icon, together with the Iberian and was carried around the Belgorod, Vladimir, the Kremlin walls and China-town, then sent to Lefortovo palace that housed the wounded.Before leaving Moscow, the icon transported for storage in Yaroslavl.After the war, November 5, 1812, it was returned to Smolensk.In memory of the liberation of the enemy began to celebrate this day every year.

XX century

have passed a little over a hundred years, and again in Russia invaded foreign invaders.The Great Patriotic War has claimed the lives of millions of Soviet people.Towards the enemy stood Smolensk.Despite the fact that the country has conducted anti-religious propaganda, thousands of faithful, loyal patriotic duty, asked for help from his defender "Hodegetria".Invisible helping people Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria".Where is now ancient image of the unknown, after the occupation of the Greek "Hodegetria" sunk.In the place where it was situated, to this day is a list of the Mother of God, made in the XVII century.He was for many years to protect the city from disaster, war, destruction, blesses believers to righteous deeds.

again in Moscow

At the beginning of February 2015 was the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria" in Christ the Savior Cathedral.After the restoration, which lasted almost three years, the faithful were able to see the image of the "Odigitria" without the heavy silver frame.Salary weighing 25 kg was performed in 1954 on donations of Smolyan.In the postwar years, heavy donations to save the icon might be called folk invaluable help, so the memory of that salary will be preserved and exhibited in the Assumption Cathedral separately.

icon She stayed in Moscow until February 10.February 15 after a long absence it again met in Smolensk, update it took its original position to again defend his hometown.

This is such an ancient, interesting story that knows us Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.Photo support many varieties of "Protectress", they keep a sacred sacrament, helping the faithful to find spiritual strength and believe in the truth of God's Son.