How to trade in a small town?

Not every one of us lives in a big city with one million population.Many aspiring entrepreneurs are scratching their heads over what to trade in a small town.The question really is not easy, especially when you consider that the opening of their own, albeit small business - it is a serious and risky step.Let's talk about what product or service to sell better in a small town or small town.There is a lot of interesting nuances and pitfalls.

Benefits business in a small town

can say with certainty that there is not only disadvantages, but also a big plus, which will play into the hands of any entrepreneur.One of them - the lack of strong competition.Of course, this does not mean that it does not, start a business and develop it will be a little easier.Especially if you offer something, which no longer exists.First we need to analyze the market and understand that offer more and less.This would be easy, as the city is small, and the amount of business you can count on the fingers.

you can open your own small grocery store or coffee shop.In addition, there are many other equally profitable decisions which will be very popular among city dwellers.Important role played by high-quality service, which many in the province have not heard.Imagine that you have a company for production and installation of the lock.So, if you do your job quickly, efficiently and effectively, soon the rumors about you and diverge from the customers will not hang up.That is why a clear answer to the question of what to trade in a small town, you can not.But let's look at some of the most effective solutions, each of which is likely to be popular.

what not to do?

In the early stages it is important not to make a mistake that will bring to naught all the efforts.Ironically, aspiring entrepreneurs often make wrong decisions.To this did not happen to you, you must remember what not to do when starting a business in a small town.By the way, this applies only to those places where a small population.For example, in large metropolitan areas the same product or service can bring you huge profits.

Firstly, it is not necessary to start with a highly specialized business.As an example, the sale of a single type of equipment.The fact that modern trade is specialization, especially in a small town, do not bring proper results.This is due to low demand, so if you come, and few clients per shift, then it will be good.Second, do not start a business that requires a large number of highly skilled employees.Why is that?Everything is simple: in the province of those very few.Most of brainy professionals are leaving the big cities, where the prospect of development is higher than in the wilderness.Do not forget that it makes no sense to offer clients the super-expensive products.For example, computers 100, 000 and above can be, and will be sold, but during that time you will have time to sell a lot more PCs to 30 000 and in order to get a significant profit.This factor caused a small wage in the province.

Open Shop toys

It is quite promising direction.As a rule, in small towns there is one or at most two of these places, so you can not be afraid of competition.Currently very popular children's stores, where there is almost everything for children of different ages.But in this case only a small shop.First, register yourself as a private entrepreneur.Best of all, if it's "Company."The highlight is the right choice of supplier.The fact that children's toys should not only be high-quality and interesting, but also safe.This is due to the fact that children love to try them on taste.

If a small toy store, then at first you can be yourself and the seller, and an accountant, and even cleaner.All of this will allow you to save money on wages and pay off much faster.Take care of the range.You must have toys of different sizes, colors.Sometimes it makes sense to divide them into categories, such as: for boys, for girls, for children up to 3 years, from 3 to 5 years, etc.If you do all this intelligently create internal atmosphere and interior, the customers you will have plenty.Just six months later you will be compensated by the cost and will be able to gradually expand and eventually build a small children's supermarket.But do not forget that modern trade requires more effort.It makes sense to give good publicity, for example, write a small ad on opening shop in the local newspaper and start putting up on poles and bus stops.

Why not sell products?

course, here you are, in any case face competition.However, not all as bad as it might seem at first glance.The fact that it is not necessary to try something new, you can successfully implement what is already there.The number of grocery stores in your city, in any case very much, but it still did not mean exactly what your point will not be popular.However template option, we too will not work, so you must all be carefully considered.First, select a place to house your store food products.Experience shows that when it comes to a small town, you need to choose a place where there are many houses and nearby there is a similar point.The fact is that quite often people living in remote districts, you need 10-15 minutes to walk to the nearest grocery store.

Secondly, you need to carefully compose the assortment card.It is easy to guess that this is a list of the products you are selling.It is important to take into account the terrain.So, if you store the products is in the vicinity of the kindergarten or school, there should be juices, candy and many other things that children love.But if you are doing high-rise buildings near the trade, do not forget to buy a decent amount of bread, a good idea to leave and alcohol, such as beer.By the way, the last will be interesting to talk a little bit.

trade in beer: the pros and cons

According to statistics, sales of alcoholic beverages almost always brings a good income.Another question is whether all this is bought in a small town?Of course it will be.All that matters most is that and at what price you will sell.If your range has several varieties of beer on the average market price, then you will always be foremost.In addition, it is desirable to sell bottled beer as glass or plastic.The presence of different non-alcoholic beverages only play in your favor.Do not forget about such popular products as vodka, wine, champagne, etc.

It should draw your attention to something that will open up a bit more complicated.This is because the need to obtain a license.In practice, very popular shops, where there is not only beer, but also the goods to him.It can be cheese "pigtail", roach, smoked fish, nuts, crackers, chips and more.So customers need not have to go to another store.As for the location, it must be removed from the kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, and hospitals, etc.In any case, trade in beer brings good income.Over time, you can expand the range.

Should I sell appliances?

If we consider the basic business idea in the village, one can not say about the store, where shoppers will find large and small household appliances.Of course, everything is a bit more complicated than a point product.You are mistaken if you think that in small towns do not buy a microwave, Multivarki and other kitchen utensils.All this is acquired, and very well.All that you need - is to show themselves at first.If the first 10-20 customers leave unhappy, you completely lose credibility and it is unlikely in the near future be able to recover it.What do you do in this case?Now all is said.

The surest way to success - is to conclude a contract with a large company for the production and sale of home appliances.Do you, as a partner, will go a percentage of profits, and all deliveries will be made free of charge.All you have to do - is to convince the company that sales will go up.For this hardware store is to generate interest among buyers.To call it, you can give a good and proper advertising, set discounts for regular customers, conduct regular contests and more.

Becoming pioneers

There is a strong likelihood that your city is still no representative of a large company.If there is, only a few, and it's nothing to say.For example, it may be a hardware store Samsung, and LG, etc.It can be clothes - "Adidas", "Reebok", etc.In simple words, engage in the business of the franchise, but wisely chooses a partner, since not all will be in demand.For example, sales of professional Nikon cameras and Canon is unlikely to be successful.If buy more units per week or month, then it will be good.But the sale of clothing and footwear can bring a very good money.

essence of this business is that the contract be drawn up with certain conditions that you and the other party must comply.As an example, sales.If overfulfilled the norm, then you are entitled to the premium, if not doprodali then retained interest.Note that at the initial stage, you'll get a good financial support from the partner company.Nevertheless, the cost of rent, staff salaries, and taxes will have to pay yourself, so be ready for it.

offer services to the public

But it is quite interesting direction, which does not require large investments.The bottom line is that you can act as an intermediary or directly to the artist.A striking example is the implementation of the dispatch operation.For example, a person must establish a just bought a washbasin.He calls you, and you for a small fee, find a good, but at the same time relatively inexpensive specialist.However, you should realize that trade in services does not suffer slowdowns.If the client wants the work to be performed on Sunday, even on a holiday, then so be it.

Another easy and inexpensive way - make photocopies and engage in typing.All this will bring good money, but first analyze the market.Find out whether or not demand such a proposal.According to statistics, trade in services can be recouped in the first month, it is provided that you have something to put into it.

A few ideas

As you can see, you have a big choice of what to trade in a small town.This may be a sale of beer or products available and combined version.You can offer to the population of the city refill with a minimum commission, etc.Another good idea - to open a kindergarten.However, it will be very costly exercise, but it's safe to say that with 100% certainty this venture will pay off in the shortest possible time.However, do not expect large amounts of money in the first few months of operation.

The fact is that all parents will check where they give their child.You must have on hand all the necessary licenses.The room should be warm and inviting.According to statistics, today this kind of business in a small town, but it can be called rather a full and responsible work, is quite popular.The reason is the shortage of ordinary kindergartens, as often they are more closed than open.And parents have a job at the time that the child must be on anyone to leave.


is, in principle, all that can be said about what to trade in a small town.The choice is pretty big.But you should be guided not only the financial capacity and the needs of the population, but their own interests.Your business should first like you.Only thing is made with full responsibility, it brings a good income.

If you have opened a small shop, the first time you can do to be there by the seller, which will save you well.But over time, expanding its borders, hire the friendly and welcoming staff.Agree, come to the grocery store, where everything is always fresh and the prices are not too high, and even the seller friendly, much nicer than in the diner with a week's bread and high prices.All this happens because such activity owner causes more problems, that is not a business.Trade nevertheless requires respect for the customer.Always ask yourself the question: "Will I have a bread or a sausage?"If you do it right, it is unlikely that you will have at least some problems with clients.In smaller towns, there is always a situation where one store comes a lot of people, and the other is not enough.You can be sure it all happens for a reason.