Basic problems of philosophy

philosophy - a science that asks a lot of questions to be addressed.All of them are specific, and many of them are extremely complex.This discipline has a complex structure, and therefore, it is difficult to determine which old or contemporary problems of philosophy are paramount.It all depends on its direction.

Yet we note that there are fundamental questions of philosophy - that is, those issues that interest all philosophers working in any direction of the science.First of all it is worth noting the importance of the issues that are somehow related to the ratio of the material and the ideal.The debate about which of the following is the basis of everything in the world, conducted since ancient times.The main problems of the philosophy of idealism and materialism are not included by accident - there are many arguments in favor of both of them.The debate here may be maintained indefinitely.Material and ideal play an important role in the interpretation of life.In fact, just being a member of the material and the ideal, and nothing it does not.

And materialism and idealism has a huge number of categories and principles.Both contribute to the disclosure of philosophy as a kind of a common methodology for knowledge.

philosophical doctrines are different, but in essence they are considering the same problem.Almost always, one way or another affected by questions of existence.Note that the very being, in most cases addressed in the universal sense.The main problems of philosophy - this ratio being and nothingness, being perfect and being physical, being human, society and nature.Ontology - the name given to the doctrine of being.

main problems of philosophy - these are the problems associated with cognition.Perhaps the most important related to the knowledge question is whether the world is knowable at all.Agnostics say that man will never understand it and would not succeed, and the Gnostics assert that the human mind has no limits, and sooner or later he will open all the secrets of the universe.Also philosophers are interested in the essence of knowledge, especially of cognitive processes, the relationship of subjects and objects of knowledge, and so on.Philosophy does not ignore the methods of knowledge, but still gives them a secondary role - the very essence of the process a lot more interested in philosophy.Epistemology - the so-called theory of knowledge.

main problems of social philosophy should also be mentioned in this article.Society - is something that is constantly exposed to the study.They are interested in a variety of science.Of course, philosophy is no exception.Part of the problems of society affected by the ontology, but ontology has its own issues that have little to do with morality, individual, collective and other things.Social quality human study separate section - that is, social philosophy.

The main problems include the philosophy and the problems of the people - that is the problem not the person, and specifically the individual.Examine the person is important first of all because he is the starting point of all philosophizing.

In summary, we conclude that the range of issues that decides philosophy is very broad.This science seeks answers to questions that are related to the man himself, his personality, structure of the world, the essence of life, God, the universe and so on.Problems of Philosophy, as a rule, are deep.For many of them it is simply impossible to answer unequivocally.There are many problems of philosophy that great minds decide centuries.Will any questions unanswered, even after a thousand years?It is possible that they do remain unresolved.