How to choose ski goggles?

Anyone who has long skier, there is no need to tell how important and why you need ski goggles, so this article is not for them.It is for those who are going to conquer the peaks and speed.Beginners in the previews of all must remember that ski goggles - this is not an ornament or a fad, it's a purely functional piece of mandatory equipment, and approach to his choice to be appropriate.This means that before you buy ski goggles should evaluate their practical features and only after the appearance.

What you should know when choosing?Firstly, ski goggles - is to protect the eyes and face from the snow crumbs, ice, branches, mechanical damage when falling and hitting.We should not forget that skiing the fastest non-motorized kind, and even banal pieces of ice hit on the speed of the eye may result in fall of the most unpleasant consequences.Therefore, ski goggles should take the form of a mask that fits snugly and comfortably to the face of the skier.The mask should not impede the free breathing and block the peripheral vision.The materials of which made ski goggles should be lightweight yet strong and reliable whole structure.Attention is drawn to the possibility of adjusting and fitting, as well as the overall quality of gum points, because it will have to constantly adjust and highly stretch, putting on a helmet.

Main item ski glasses - a transparent plate or lens.Of course, it is impossible to determine at a glance, what it is made, so there should be trust in the inscription on the label, so you need to buy glasses just to see, with an excellent reputation manufacturers.But what can and should determine at a glance, so far as the lens is transparent, and does not give it any distortion.

In addition, it is necessary to know in what conditions will be skating.It depends on the color of the lenses.After ski goggles designed for eye protection from the sun, which is very important on a bright white snow slopes.A large array of filters, but because these guidelines are intended for beginners, the most suitable for them to filter a yellow shade, which is considered a versatile and suitable for riding in all lighting conditions acceptable.

course, to the skier is not lost during the descent visibility on the glasses must be ventilation and protection from fogging.For this purpose the entire perimeter of the mask must be present vents.Their shape, location and number of specially designed, and this is another reason why the equipment should be purchased only from a reputable manufacturer.Such a small thing, like fogging, it may seem to the beginner of minor importance, but it should be considered that in between the slopes of the mask periodically rises to the helmet and is cooled, and when it is lowered into the hot face, it can easily fog up and blind skier rushing onhigh speed.Here we should mention another rule: never wipe the inner surface of the lens or a handkerchief, or the more hands, as you can easily damage the special coating protects against fogging.

I hope that my experience will help to choose the right ski equipment, which, in turn, will get the most enjoyment from skiing.