How to quickly dry your hair without a hair drier?

dryer in the arsenal of modern women is one of the main places.After all, what else can help you quickly and easily to dry hair?Of course, nothing.But there are situations where you do not have a hair dryer and hair drying need - how to be in this situation?This article focuses on just this issue.We will tell you how to quickly dry your hair without a hair dryer.And also told that it is impossible to do exactly with wet hair.

How quickly dry your hair without a hair drier: 1st stage

After you have washed the hair, it must be a good squeeze.To start collecting hair in a mop and get rid of the water.Then we divide them into several strands and is similar squeeze.This should be done carefully.Hair in any case twist, otherwise you could damage the structure.

How quickly dry your hair without a hair drier: 2nd stage

To him we need or paper or ordinary towels.If it's warm, open the vents in the house to let in fresh air, which will speed up the drying process and fill the hair oxygen.Then we take a towel and begin to dry each strand.Teasing hair at the same time do not need much, just promakivat them.A word of advice: Heat up the towel on the battery or the iron, and then the hair will dry faster.

How quickly dry your hair without a hair drier: 3rd stage

periodically shake the hair with his hands, lifting the roots and shaking them in different directions.By doing so, you will not only be able to quickly dry the hair and make hair more volume.If you have short hair, then a similar method you can save time and do not use the towel.

How to dry hair without a hair dryer if they are long?

Procedure will be similar to the one we have considered above.Also, in order to make the pomp and volume of hair, you can use hair clips.After lightly towel dry hair, divide them into small clumps, in a bagel roll (tube) and secure them.Wait 20-25 minutes and remove the clips.Then tilt the head down and his hands wiggle hair - so they can quickly dry out and become wavy.

few tips

  • Comb the hair only after they dry.Otherwise, you run the risk of weakening the structure and cause damage.
  • If you have washed your hair in the evening and you do not need to go anywhere, do not do anything with them, but simply go to sleep - let them dry on their own.
  • Using the air conditioner after shampoo will not only make hair more manageable, but also accelerate their drying.
  • Waffle towels have higher levels of absorbency compared with its plush "colleagues."
  • If it is summer, then feel free to go with wet hair on a balcony or courtyard.The sun will do everything for you.
  • Never dry your hair over the stove, vacuum cleaner, iron.
  • comb your hair after drying is necessary, starting from the tips and then gradually moving to the roots.
  • If dry hair with a towel, then as soon as it becomes wet, it must be replaced.

In this article, we described how to quickly dry your hair without using a hair dryer.We hope that the information will be useful to you!