How to start knit.

related stuff - it's not only beautiful woven fabric.This is a fantasy craftswomen, her soul, an amazing inspiration.How to start to knit?Very easy!The only thing - patience.After enough time-consuming activity.However, besides the invaluable benefits, it brings a lot of fun hobby needle women.

Basic tools

Each mistress, starting to study a new type of needlework, certainly faced with the question: "Where do I start?"Knitting needles - is an art that does not require sophisticated devices.It should be noted that the technique does not cause much difficulty.But first things first.

So it will take a start-skilled workers?


These tools vary in thickness, material and manufacturing form (on the line or not).Number spokes characterizes their diameter (mm).It varies from 1 to 10. Each type of yarn correspond to certain numbers.

  1. Spokes № 1-2 are used for fine threads.As a rule, they vyvyazyvayut blouses, tops, fishnet cloth.
  2. № 2-3,5 - this is the best (way) spoke.Suitable for yarn of medium thickness.
  3. № 4-6 are used for thick thread: mohair, yarn tape, "grass".
  4. № 7-10.These needles are knitted mats, panels, some types of caps or scarves.As a rule, thick thread is used in a few additions.


Equally important is the choice of thread.As a general rule, for each product fits a certain size.Craftswomen, making their first steps in the handicrafts that are still poorly understood, to begin knitting, yarn suitable medium thickness.It is better to choose a wool or mixed.Another important caveat: Pick up the thread of light tones.On the dark figure is not visible.Track as knitted loop, it will be difficult.

After gathering all the necessary materials, you can proceed to the next step.

Set loops

Before you start to knit, you should study in detail the first stage.After work on any product begins with a set of loops.Since we are talking about training, the number of them does not matter.Let us 20.

  • From coil rewind thread and fold in half.
  • resulting throw with a loop on the thumb and forefinger of his left hand.The ends of the threads hold in the palm of the remaining three fingers.
  • two spokes fold together and take in the right hand.
  • Get them for thread between the thumb and index finger.Pull over and down a bit.
  • Hold the loop, pull the thread under the spokes, draped over the thumb.
  • Grab the thread with the index finger and pull through a loop.
  • Reset with thumb thread.

the spokes form two loops.By analogy recruited others.More complexity in this.And if we learn to knit, tips for beginners masters in the article will help more quickly master the basics of the craft.

Remember the following caveat.Typing all the loops, please contact the remaining ends of the strands.This little tip you vote in the process of knitting.After all loops are of the same size, and the beginning of your paintings appreciate evenness.

Facial loop

dealt with the first step, you can move on to the next.We continue to consider knitting for beginners.How to knit facial loops?There are two ways.For the inexperienced girls is not very important how their vyvyazyvayut.Therefore, in order not to confuse, focus on one thing - the most common.

The literature on handicrafts such a method referred to as "the front wall."The right needle should be introduced into the loop from left to right itself.Grab the working thread.Pull it through the loop.On the right, a new spoke.A knit loop should be reset to the left.Thus it made all of the front row.

seamy loop

finished with the face side, turn over the product.Now comes the turn of the back row.To fully understand how to begin to knit, you need to learn, and this type.

Working thread stir at the spokes.It should be before the first loop.The right needle is injected under the thread.Pull it through the loop.Clockwise motion to capture the working thread.A loop on the right spoke knit and, by analogy, do all the backing line.

Edge Loop

Of course, in this needlework many nuances that allow craftswomen to create beautiful, exquisite stuff.In the course of his work you are sure they comprehend.But there are nuances which must be disassembled before they learn how to knit.Tips and tricks for beginners discussed now concern the wales.They allow you to get a neat straight edge blade.Now, remember:

  • provyazyvat extreme loop should only be in the front row;
  • the rest - it is only removed from left to right.

dealt with the first loop, consider the latest.After all, it is also an edge.For edge "pigtail" recommended provyazyvat its seamy loop.

Closing hinges

dealt with face and reverse the rows, you should consider another important step.Before you learn to knit a scarf knitting for beginners will be important to know how to make closing loops.Provyazyvat edge loop should face the following loop.Make sure the rear wall.The resulting loop is returned back to the needle.She again gets the status of an edge.Again provyazyvayutsya two end loops.In this way, all of the remaining closed.

density knitted

This parameter is important in the manufacture of the product size.For a sample recruited a certain number of loops.It should knit a few rows.As a general rule, the calculation of the sample is given by the square of 10x10.This determines the density of knitting.If necessary, you can change the spokes pick up more fat, or, on the contrary, thin.To measure the associated sample, place it on a hard surface.In his place the meter parallel to the row.Count the number of loops that are part of 10 cm. This value characterizes the density of knitting stitch.This figure should be compared with the model specified in the description.

Sometimes the sample may not reflect the desired dimensions.If it is a few free (you get smaller loops), it is necessary to take a more subtle spokes.Sometimes it can be observed the opposite pattern: the pattern is very tight, and when counting loops much more than it was required.In this case, replace spokes on thicker.

course for beginners needlewomen density knitting does not play a big role.But if you decide to make a massive thing, for example, a sweater, then this guideline should be followed.

first project.Knitting Scarf

received knowledge enough to go to the manufacture of the product.To start analyze how to learn to knit a scarf knitting.For beginners, masters of this product will be an excellent practice.In addition, replenish your wardrobe a stylish refined accessories.

Select supertolstuyu yarn.The spokes must be adjusted according to the size of thread - too thick.The finished product will have dimensions 10h100 cm. Knitting - Shawl (all ranks of the facial loops are carried out exclusively).

Initially tie a square.Its dimensions shall be 10x10 cm. Carefully count dialed loops and rows.This method is determined by the important parameter - the density of breeding.For this product the optimal ratio - 10 to 18 rows of loops.If you get more results, you can choose a more dense yarn or needles.

Knitting Scarf dial 12 loops.Knit garter.All series are made only facial loop.Periodically measure the length of a meter.Reaching the above size, close the loop.The first draft is ready!

knitted sweater or blouse

After successfully made Scarf any aspiring mistress thinks about the next project.Why not start a knit sweater knitting?After all, if there is a universal wear, suitable for any season, it is, of course, jumper, pullover.Glamorous and elegant, practical and warm sweaters associated spokes are always relevant.

Pick a model in a magazine, you want to make.As a rule, all the big things are not entirely tally.They consist of several parts.Usually it is about half the front, back and two sleeves.

logs next to the detailed description of the model, there is always a pattern.Where to start knitting on spokes blouse?Of course, with the pattern.For convenience, this scheme should draw a life-size paper.This will greatly facilitate the process of the product.

In the pattern you can follow the subtraction or addition of the loop, if necessary, control pockets, armholes.To correctly calculate the amount required subtraction, using the previously described parameter - the density of knitting.Many journals are not only the circuit patterns, but also a complete description of them in rows.This greatly facilitates the work on product novice needle women.

Knitting socks

to work on the product will need five spokes.Argued that the complexity of the cause (if it is about knitting for beginners) socks.Where to begin to fulfill this product?

initially take measurements and carefully calculate the required number of loops.Knitting itself takes place in several stages.Getting Started with cuffs.Most often it elastic knit 1x1 or 2x2.Cuff height can vary.Basically it is 6-7 centimeters.

Dial hinges on two spokes.During the first row should be spread evenly over 4. One borehole is always free.It is working.She alternately changes each of the spokes.Knitting going round.

linking the required size of the sock tops, proceed to the heel height.For this knit only on two adjacent spokes of the web, and the first two remain intact.Next vyvyazyvayut side of the heel.After that, continue to work on foot.Knitting going round again.Dovyazav to the area of ​​the thumb, begin to diminish the loop.The last loop should be collected on a thread.They are carefully fixed on the wrong side.


you are interested, you start to knit?It is perfectly!The centuries-old craft practiced previously by necessity, today was awesome hobby.No wonder it is considered to be a form of art.Looking at the abundance of yarn and a variety of patterns, you begin needlewoman can get confused.You should not give in to this feeling.Remember that any craftsmen and in the recent past was also a newcomer.