How to take in the waist trousers.

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Changeable fashion dictates its own rules regarding the dress code - a well-known fact.And all the women obey the commandments of it only in order to always look attractive.That this is the purpose of continuously updating the wardrobe.And almost every fashionable women in the cabinet there are jeans or pants, a style which is a bit old.Flared from the knee or hip replaced a long time model with straight or narrowed down trousers.And, apparently, still a new thing of the favorites quickly wardrobe instantly goes into the background.However, the change in fashion trends does not mean that obsolete pants should be thrown out.Of course, they can continue to wear, but to keep pace with time, it can give a new life.How to do it?How to take in bell-bottoms and make them fashionable "pipes"?

happens so that the fabric is stretched when worn, or when the next diet is possible to throw a few kilograms, and that's favorite thing is not so perfectly sits on a figure.How to take in pants in such a case?It is about how to give a second life to your favorite pants, and will be discussed further.

How to alter bell-bottoms

to give new life to your favorite jeans, a style that has long sunk into oblivion, should turn pants inside out and from the waist to the bottom draw a line on which will be a new line.The same should be done and stepper seams of trousers.You can use a long ruler or take other jeans fashionable style and just circle them in the loop.This is followed by a trained new seams and pants to try to make sure that they are good in size.After that, all the excess tissue is cut and the edges are sewn.Please note that usually the length of flared jeans more than the straight trousers, and therefore will need to be re-hem.

How to reduce waist pants

Quite often happens that the owner waist and wide hips face the challenge of matching trousers.Often with such features figure the thing sits perfectly in the hips, but on the sides and on the back it is great.How to solve this problem and how to take in the waist pants?There are several ways to use experienced masters in expensive studio.

1 way: on the side seam

Many believe that this option is only suitable for those models that do not have side pockets in the seams of the product or any decorative rivets.However, it is not so.First, we examine how to take in classic style trousers from a simple fabric without any additional elements.

To start with a little otporot belt at a distance of about 10 cm from the side seam in one and the other side.After wear pants inside out and measure the amount of excess tissue that should be removed, and under any inclination to do bevel seam.It is best to take advantage of a tailor's needles or namitka.It should be noted that when laying new stitch transfer from existing side seam should be as smooth that on the fabric with the front side did not have any corners and irregularities.Next, with the help of a special device, or simply nail scissors should rip the old line and smooth the section iron.After fit waistband size, cut the excess fabric, tack it in place and sew on the sewing machine.

How to take in pants, if the front and rear panel has a mass of decorative elements?In this case it is necessary to measure how much extra centimeters you need to clean the belt.You can rip a side seam and move one of the panels, covering all centimeters on the free portion of the decorative elements of trousers.Only it should be understood that in this case the side seam is displaced either forward or backward, depending on which side of the longer ornaments.

Method 2: Advanced tuck

This option is ideal for those who strongly bristle pants at the waist on the back.Often, minor suturing products only on the sides does not solve this problem.In this case, more additional help tucks rear cloth trousers.To make them, you should otporot times across the back and cut it along the middle seam.Following the example of a product put on the pants inside out and using dressmaker pins zaschepit on both sides of the middle seam symmetric tuck.Thus, the belt can be removed up to 6 cm. After the upper limit will be fit for the new size and sew it in place.With this kind of work to handle even an inexperienced seamstress as take in pants this way it is easiest.It does not have to rip vertical factory seams and re-do decorative stitches.

3 ways: by the back seam

Many masters reduce pants belt only on the back seam.This allows you to save all the decorative elements on the sides of the product.How to take in women's pants seam on the back?Firstly, it should be in the back completely otporot belt and dissolve back to about the middle of the line.The following wear and fasten your trousers, and then laid a new seam.After pave the sewing machine line, and fit a new belt.