How to make a knife with his hands at home?

knife man has long been the main weapon.After all, people have no fangs, no claws to defend themselves - their replacement, became a blade.Initially it was a stone, but humanity was going forward, and knives are also improved.There was steel, and then learned how to make a variety of its brands, making it possible to give the products different properties.Knife man and now irreplaceable.Here we will study in detail the question of how to make a knife with his hands, so that it meets all the requirements of the owner.

Good blade is particularly necessary for people engaged in extreme sports far away from civilization, as well as foresters, hunters, fishermen - that is, all those whose work or hobbies associated with wildlife.If these conditions happen something unexpected, something durable and comfortable knife, with its skilful use, can save lives.The most important thing - that the blade was convenient to make a different job.For example, carve a fish, cut wood, as well as to defend the attack of the beast.Now on sale there are many different variations of the blades, but in most cases the quality is very poor.It remains nothing more than how to make a knife with his hands at home.Only then will we know for sure that the blade will not fail and will be able to fulfill all the obligations imposed on him.

What do knife easiest?

Depending on the material and manufacturing blade blade strife.The easiest way - to make the knife by cold forging.The material can be various garden tools: shovels, hoes, saws - a bunch of options.This material is quite malleable, and a blade of steel for a long time does not blunts.

manufacturing process

Reflecting on the question of how to make a knife with his hands in the home, the first thing you need to acquire tools.We need:

  • Hacksaw.
  • Files: one big and the other smaller.Vice
  • be necessary, but with them the process will be easier and faster.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Drill.
  • Hammer.
  • anvil or a piece of track.

Take the broken or unwanted garden tools and draw on it a sketch of the future knife.After we begin to create this form.You can use a drill: drill a number of holes shaped blank, and then break off the excess and completely level surface.If the form of a simple knife, then immediately proceed to the sawing with a hacksaw.To do this easier and more convenient to clamp the material in the grip - it will hold firmly, without jumping.When the form is sawn, it is necessary to modify the file.Where necessary to remove a lot of metal, use a large file, and then treated with a fine.Thus, harvesting knife ready, move on to understanding how to make a knife with his hands.


To the cutting edge of the blade sharpening well kept, it is necessary to saw off.This is called by cold forging, because no red-hot metal, it's just riveting.Garden tools is carbon steel, but it is possible to saw off.On rails or anvil rasklёpyvaem workpiece at the location where it will be the cutting edge.In this process, the shape of the blade may be slightly curved, because the metal is deformed on one side - contracting, and on the other - to expand.However, this deformation is negligible and almost does not change the type of knife.

final processing knife

After rasklёpana cutting edge, grind the knife - is required in order to remove lumps from the blows.Some people like when they are visible traces of the knife, and they left them.But here everyone has their own preference as to how to make a knife with his hands, and what will it look.However, from a practical point of view it is better to make a smooth blade that easily wipes away all the dirt from the surface.After between dents may trap moisture, which would lead to corrosion, and this is undesirable.Also, when cutting hard wood is better that the blade is well passed through the fiber, rather than clinging to them.

method of hot forging

To make a serious knife blade which can be pererubat nails need a more complex treatment process.To get started, select the appropriate material.For steels with high carbon content.From what you can find at home - it's files, drills, springs from the car, as well as spring steel.This material can be made hunting knife with his hands, which will be much better than those available in stores.

process of hot forging

This requires a furnace that can be very hot metal.It can be built of red brick, covered with clay and coal to heat, provide a strong flow of air so that the temperature was higher.After a red-hot iron, you can start forging.And then - to form the workpiece while the blade is the desired shape.

process of hardening of the knife

Blacksmiths long study to determine the color of hot metal when his temper is, immersed in water or oil.However, for the layman, there is one universal way.When it became red-hot, you need to bring to it a magnet: if it is attracted to the blade, it is necessary to further warming, and if there is no, then you need to be immersed in water or oil - hardening.Knowing the basics of how to make a knife with your hands, you can create different models of improvised knives.

Excellent knife can be drawn from the drill.It is heated and clamped in a vise, unwind.Once turned flat rectangular blades give the desired look.From such material can make its Finnish knife arms of excellent quality.After harvesting took the form of a blade, her temper, as described above.

throwing knives How to make your own hands?

to make such weapons, not necessarily to have a good steel.After all, if we take a material with a high percentage of carbon, then a failed roll knife can break.Therefore, it is suitable softer steel, however, a thickness of 5 mm.This is necessary in order to, firstly, the blade had enough weight, and secondly, not bent.Make it easy by cold forging followed by a sanded, the surface became smooth.

However, we must remember that the center of gravity of the knife for throwing must be strictly centered or is shifted more towards the blade.The process for manufacturing such a blade is light enough, on the one hand, but on the other sufficiently laborious due to the need to align the knife.The handle can be made easier by its drilling.

switchblade knives

They are quite convenient for the city, because it takes up little space and are very comfortable, but with prolonged use of the mechanism may become clogged and poorly run.Continuing to use this knife at work is not very convenient, but if there is no alternative, then for a short period of operation it can be a great assistant.To make a flick knife with your hands, you should choose a reliable mechanism in which the blade will not become loose.It is better to give preference to a model in which the blade pops out from the side.After all, as practice shows, if the blade is well tightened and equipped with bearings for a long time, he will get loose.But at loggerheads with frontal ejection blade Blade inevitable backlash in operation only increased.It's more stylish toy than tool.

This article has considered all the ways of how to make a knife with his hands.Of course, it is quite time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort, and in some cases, and technical devices.But the result is worth it, and the thing will last for many years.