How to live, if you live no strength?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims the unconditional right to life, but never indicates that it is a duty.On the one hand, people are free to dispose of their own is the other - over them dominates social traditions, education, religion and more.Respond to the question "what to do if there is no strength to live?", Unfortunately, is not so simple.

spiritual side of the problem

The phenomenon of suicide - a big ethical problem, which has become almost impossible since, as religion has ceased to have a fundamental impact on public morality.

Previously, it was a lot easier.The Christian church is to commit suicide categorically negative, nothing listening to his parishioners on how to live, if you live there are no forces.It is believed that the greater sin does not exist, since the suicide combines and murder, and despair, and in addition, to prevent oneself from the sinner to repent.Suicide burial service and not buried in consecrated ground to this day.

State of looking at things

Since European civilization is, by and large, built on Christian morality, specific attitude to suicide is reflected in the official laws of many countries where suicide has long been considered a criminal offense.

Perhaps someone will surprise, but in the UK it has ceased to be so only in 1961, when numerous appeals of human rights defenders forced the parliament to revise the relevant law.Up to this point for a wrong answer to the question "how to live, if you live no strength?", It was possible to pay a significant fine, but at the end of the nineteenth century - even to be executed by hanging.In Ireland criminalizing suicide abolished only in 1993 (!) Year.

Psychiatric position

Now with such savagery may be encountered only in Africa (Ghana, Uganda).However, in the public attitude toward suicide is ambiguous and varies very widely - from acceptance to condemnation.

For a long time it was thought that the problem of "how to live, if not the strength?"characteristic only for mentally ill people.This stereotype is alive and well today.Once at Harvard conducted a study suggesting psychiatrists make a diagnosis based on the data of medical records.All patients committed suicide, but not all the participants of the experiment it was reported.

results showed: when the cause of death was known to the experts, they are diagnosed with mental disorders in 90% of cases, and if not known - only 22%.

Among the medical reasons for suicide are called severe depression - suicidal thoughts visited by more than 70% of patients, and 15% take appropriate attempt.

Norma - the concept of precarious

question of sanity, in principle, can be considered open.So cry from the heart: "How to live, if not the strength to live ?!"does not mean that the man - crazy.Eventually, for reasons of suicide statistics not too clarifies the situation.

Thus, according to research by the WHO, 41% of the causes of the suicide are unknown, 19% make it out of fear of future punishment, 18% - because of personal turmoil, the same number (18%) - due to mental disorders.

characteristic that only 1.2% of people commit suicide because of serious illness, so that the cause can not be considered as a mass, and in fact it is the main argument, sounding out of the camp loyal to suicide citizens.

In this respect, noteworthy practice euthanasia in many European countries with high living standards.For example, in Belgium recently received the right to his own mortification by using medical young woman who has not reached the age of 30.The reason was depression - no other disease it does not.This situation many feel abnormal.

in search of fame

more worried about how to live, if you live there are no forces, young people with age and wants to commit suicide decreases, and causes acquire other features.Disappointing and discouraging that among adolescents in the past decade, the number of suicides has tripled.

Sociologists and psychologists are sounding the alarm and tend to blame the Internet, assuming that suicide for some young representatives of mankind - an occasion to express themselves and get their "moment of glory" among the adherents.

In many countries, there are sites dedicated to suicide, but, despite the fact that some States felt it necessary to ban them (Japan), they are still growing and multiplying like mushrooms after rain.

should be understood that came up with the idea of ​​suicide necessarily indicative of a problem (s).If the idea becomes obsessive, returning again and again, you should think seriously about ways to get help.

post-Soviet space is not too favor of psychiatrists, but this practice is flawed.It's hard to say how many people could have been saved, turn it to the experts in time.If a person is not capable to understand the motives, leads him to wonder where to find the strength to live, he must be sure to visit a therapist or find another way to discuss their problems.

traumatic factors

As a rule, the idea of ​​the meaninglessness of his own existence attends those who have suffered bereavement - likewise triggered trauma: the loss of a loved one, the social status of large sums of money or work.In particular risk are people who have no families: according to statistics, it is more difficult to answer, where to get the strength to live after suffering losses.

If the reason for suicidal thoughts served as an event, you must know that the human psyche is quite flexible and able to adapt.The most difficult time - the first six months after the injury.After that, a person is more or less able to return to normal life.

sense of belonging

experience of Western countries can do a good job.This form of therapy is a support group formed of people with similar problems, is quite effective.

Firstly, the person will not be superfluous to know that there are people who have suffered such a loss, but still continue to live on.

Second excluded stay with the problem alone.It is noteworthy that among the suicides only 24% talked to many people, 60% - with a few, while 16% were totally alone.This statistic speaks in favor of the fact that the key role in deciding what to do next, if there are no forces, plays the ability to develop social contacts.

certain analogies can serve as a special thematic forums on the Internet, but there should be careful: the network people often behave much harsher than in real life.

virtual space encourages irresponsibility, because there is no need to see somebody's sorrow (that almost anyone uncomfortable) and there is no likelihood of punishment.Personal communication, in any case preferable.

good help - the so-called hotline, which can dial desperate.Sympathy stranger can help prevent trouble.

Search tool

Many of those who suffered a misfortune, to find an outlet in religion solves the problem of the church and the priest.Basically, to help a person, not always necessary to have a diploma - sometimes enough to conventional compassion.In the case of the priest also helps the whole church age-old wisdom and a deep faith in the Lord.

In search of answers to the question of how to find the strength to live, by any means, bearing peace.Good results are obtained favorite activity.If there is no need to try to find him.

Numerous volunteer organizations provide an opportunity to escape from their problems by switching to other people.One helps the realization that "someone else worse", another may find the meaning of life in charity.

Probably, there is no single recipe.Even smokers who quit bad habit, guided by different methods.There are those who calms the pack of cigarettes lying in the bag: "If there is already quite unbearable, lit a cigarette."Others know that it is better to stay away from tobacco use and other strategies.Similarly, his agent must find the people who have suffered a heavy loss, and not knowing how to live with it.

change to change

If bright traumatic event was not, and suicidal thoughts still attend, you need to sit down, take a blank sheet of paper and list the most honest reasons why I want to quit.This method is good from either side:

  • forces organize their own thoughts and feelings;

  • gives visibility problem;

  • makes a deeper insight into its essence.

Once factor, forces to think, where to get the strength to live, it was found necessary to outline the ways to combat it.In this regard, even the tiniest step will be a success.Of course, good if the help an experienced and friendly therapist.When the possibility of recourse to a specialist is not, you should try to bring to the problem of a loved one or the same Internet.

There are special psychological portals where you can discuss your problem and listen to what others say about it.Judging by some of the reviews, this method is quite right to exist.The main thing - to be ready to change and listen to advice.

Caution: children

particular categories of people are wondering how to find the strength to live, are adolescents.It is a pity that they ask it is not the parents.And even more sadly, if not find the older generation understand.

Adult partly can understand Shakespearean passions in the performance of 13-year-old girls are really able to call and laughter and irritation.Of course, my mother very well that first love - not the end of the world, "the shame of the whole school" - is not the stigma of a lifetime, and so on.. But it is important to understand that teenagers actually think that it's over, and it maytake a decision which will make him feel loved and constant desperate guilt.

In the end, the analysis of the vast amount of data collected suicidology, suggests that it is often the cause of suicide becomes the indifference of others.

Do not make irreversible actions

a lot of discussion about the issue of suicide contain almost contemptuous replica that "just so they are trying to attract attention."And indeed, from 85 to 90% of suicide attempts are unsuccessful, and among the survivors are four times more women than men.But is that a person has in a similar way to attract attention, do not deserve sympathy?

People should be kinder to each other, especially since it usually does not cost much.Say the word, and sympathetic to abandon sarcastic - what could be easier?Perhaps, then, the curve of suicides surely creep down.

give up and give in at any time.It is much more difficult to continue to search for the meaning of existence.Nobody knows what will force a person to live on and when it happens - you should try to keep hope alive.Boris Strugatsky, giving an interview once said to his fans: "Do not make the irreversible behavior."And this is very good advice for all of us.