The acts of the hidden works: form, list, samples and blanks

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On completion of the check of the work can not be performed.How fitting is properly inserted in the concrete walls?What is the thickness of the gravel substrate under the asphalt?And so on.Therefore, to confirm the compliance of construction is the acts of the hidden works.

Why be an act?

Ready construction project is a complete set of measures for the creation of real estate.The owner gets ready walls, which laid all kinds of communication, or the Highways receives the balance of the new track, ready for use ...

Ensure that communication within the walls properly insulated, in concrete walls installed a sufficient number of valves, and a layer of coarse gravel inroadway wide enough, you can not.That is in all cases to verify compliance with rules and regulations of construction is almost impossible.Is that destroyed part of the building (or having opened a piece of the road).But this is not an option, of course.

Therefore, to confirm the quality of construction as the reference production is the acts of the hidden works.They record all details of work, and sometimes they are supplemented by photographs.

Hidden work - what is it?

As already mentioned, called hidden work, which in the course of construction are hiding under the following set designs or work done.That is, the accuracy and quality of the installation will subsequently not be determined.The main hidden works include:

  • excavation;
  • installation of foundations;
  • works that precede the final finishing;
  • mounting structures laid in the walls, etc.

That quality, which made hidden work significantly affects the safety of the constructed object.Therefore, such work should be carried out strictly following the prescribed relevant SNIP norms and requirements.Each work is required to perform an act osvidetelstvuetsya hidden works.

Complete list of hidden work there, so for each object it is made at the stage of preparation of project documentation.The act of the hidden works on finishing work is rarely prepared in cases when it comes to the exterior of the building.Conversely, if the team makes repairs in the apartment, the monitor should be everything: the presence of a primer and isolation communications, and sound insulation of walls, etc.

Who should make acts?

Unfortunately, not all builders precisely observe the instructions of the Town Planning Code.But in item 6 of Article 52 establishes the obligation of the executive documents a day the person who carries out the construction.The SNIP "SP 48.13330.2011.Set of rules.Organization of construction.The updated edition of SNIP 12-01-2004 "also stipulates that the contractor or the general contractor must fill in the forms of executive documentation (Sec. 4.6).

In some cases, the person leading the construction, the developer acts (paragraph 3 of the Town Planning Code).In this situation, the obligation to conduct executive documentation entrusted to him.

Procedure documentation

By and large, clear regulations regarding the conduct, and especially the composition of the executive documentation is not present.However, the main requirements and recommendations contained in the Order of Rostekhnadzor number 1128 (approved 26.12.2006).P. 6.13 SP 48.13330.2011 the document refers to the act of examination of the hidden works one of the most important elements of executive documentation.

official act of the hidden works - a documentary confirmation of the execution of works that lurk subsequent processes.The act assured the representative of the contractor to carry out specific work, customer and field supervision engineers.Only after the signing of all parties can be made subsequent work.

Accounting acts

As during the construction of the acts of the hidden works are filled in large quantities, their records are maintained in a special register - KS-6 "General magazine work."The second section is supplied a list of interim acceptance acts of the hidden works.Shape magazine unified and approved by the State Statistics Committee of Russia.

According to a new edition of this magazine, the list of acts of the hidden works is recorded in the sixth section.


During construction works performer must inform the customer service representatives and field supervision of readiness structures (produced works, the quality of which can not be assessed in the future).Period of notice shall be established by agreement of stakeholders, but no later than three working days.

collected by the Commission fixes the fact of execution of the next phase of work.At the same time, if the detected deficiencies or violations of their removal executor is allocated a certain process time.And while not all errors are corrected, the executor can not continue the construction of the object.The customer has the right to request more time to make the acts of the hidden works (after the elimination of the identified deficiencies).


As already noted, there is rigidly fixed structure acts survey work.However, in the requirements of Rostekhnadzor shows the shape of an act of the hidden works, which recommended enterprises of all forms of ownership.If necessary, it can be supplemented with essential information.

So performer informs interested parties about the need to draw up a statement of hidden works.Going Commission, which monitors the correct execution of the process and signed the act.In the future, in case of dispute place of the alleged defect shall not be opened, as confirmed by the original act of the hidden works.

way, the acts of the hidden works are signed by at least two copies - one remains with the artist, the second is passed to the customer.If a customer would not some act, he is entitled to demand opening the "doubtful" site for quality control.

Blank act

When there is a need to issue acts of the hidden works, the forms can be prepared in advance.In the header of the document indicate the name and physical address of the object construction;information about the organizations participating in the construction site - from designers to direct contractors.Be sure to specify the date of the need to act and the list of the committee members.In addition, you should specify what materials were working, and enter the number of quality certificates.Then, in the content of such fixed points:

  • a list of the work performed, which confirmed the quality control of this act;
  • information about project documentation, based on which the works were carried out (with the exact drawings and sections of the explanatory note);
  • results of examinations, measurements, etc., which confirms the quality of work;
  • conclusions about the work done according to rules and regulations.

The findings need to give permission for the production of further work, or to specify the violations.If during the conduct of construction in the project documentation has been amended in the Act is also to be reflected (including dates and endorsements).Members of the committee must sign a completed act completely hidden works.Sample can look at the picture.

Responsibility for violation

Actually, as elsewhere in life, "ignorance of the rules is no excuse."This is true, because the consequences of the violation of building codes may not be immediately apparent, but let's say, in a few years (skewed wall insulation or broken wiring).The act of the hidden works in construction, among other things, confirms the safety of the construction of facilities.

So what are afraid of negligent builder?Violation of the rules of the executive documentation, in particular, the lack of inspection acts of the hidden works, is regarded as a violation of the urban complex of the Russian Federation.

Responsibility for violation of the mandatory requirements manifests itself in the form of a warning (in the event of timely detection and elimination of violations), or imposing a fine.In common cases, the construction company can be fined up to 100-300 thousand rubles;officials missed violations are penalized by 20-30 thousand rubles.

Exceptions are situations in which the violations are a real threat to the safe operation of the property (whether newly created or restored).If such violations are also harmed the health of (living) person, the amount of the fines vary somewhat: the organization can be punished in the form of 300-600 thousand rubles, and officials - 30-35 thousand rubles.

no secret that modern builders sometimes prefer to pay the fine and not to correct deficiencies.So, if repeated violations during the year, the company will be fined 700 thousand, 1 million rubles, and officials - 35-45 thousand.In addition, the activities of the company may be suspended for up to 90 calendar days.