How to make "Maynkraft" tree house - all about building

So today we will talk with you about how to make a "Maynkraft" tree house.This is actually a fairly simple process, but still very fast.Let's look at the pros and cons of such dwellings, as well as the materials that we might need.

Selecting the

Well, let's try with you to start our construction.To start pick a suitable tree, where you can place your house.Best of all, if you select an entire "landing" of the trees - they can quickly and easily create complex houses.

If you are thinking how to do in the "Maynkraft" tree house, you should also know that the most suitable breed is a tropical tree.It is grown from the corresponding seedlings, which can be found in the jungle.However, you have to get at least 4 such items and drop them on the 2 by 2. After a while, you will grow up big and powerful plants on which construction can begin.

In cases where no seedlings, you can use the trees have grown.Perfectly suited for a given ideas oak.On thin saplings better not to start "khimichit" - no entries you do not get.In general, once to determine the place, it will be possible to think further, how to make a tree house in Minecraft.

Stored materials

Now that we already know exactly, where we will settle our home, you can put there any identification mark and begin harvesting a variety of resources.

As a rule, if the user thinks, how to do in the "Maynkraft" tree house, then as the main construction material is wood picks.It produced quite easily, and can also come in handy when creating elements of the interior.

Bring a pickaxe and go chop down trees.Only careful not zadente prepared for the construction of the plant.Best of all, if you type as many boards.On a large building will require about 600 units of the resource.So, we will have to work hard to develop our business in Minecraft.How to make a home inside a tree?Now we will understand with you in this difficult but very interesting question.

The construction

Well, now we can start our business.So the first thing we need to make a column of boards about 10 blocks in height - it will be our support.Now that you have completed the case, provide themselves with "top" of a spacious area for construction.This is done using the "extension" column.The wider, the more you will have.

further need to climb to the top.If you have a tropical tree, you can do it with vines.No?Then just make a ladder, and set it to "beam".Once you are on top, it is worth thinking about how to make a "Maynkraft" tree house.Specifically, consider the overall design of the building.

As a rule, the players choose the most common cube.The platform is "enclose" the boards of several series (forming the walls) then insert doors and windows.Best of all, if the front of the main entrance, you will have a small playground.Additional floors can make the same way.We can only build the roof and see what you got.That's all.Nothing complicated.You can grow roots and furnish the interior.

all about building

And now that we know how to build your own tree house, let's see what's so great about this building.As a rule, this type of buildings is quite common among players.

First, this kind of housing is relatively cheap to build and easy.Wood, as the board can be found on every corner.Yes, and you can be creative as much as your heart desires.

Second, the tree house - a great way to protect against Creeper.In addition, this type of housing allows the well to inspect the surrounding area - it always helps to protect life.