How to find the power in different situations?

In life, sometimes there are situations when an urgent need to solve the issue related to how to find the power, that is the value associated with the categories of work and time.This physical parameter is important because it allows you to define many values.For example, it can be easy to calculate the time for which will be made given the amount of work.It also describes, indirectly, of course, the performance of different types of engines.On the basis of this value can also be determined, for example, fuel consumption.That is, it is important, both for physics and for the economy.Therefore, addressing issues related to how to find the power, it has great practical and practical significance.


conventional units of power measurement can be divided into systemic and non-systemic.In the first case, it watts (W or W) and a number of units of multiples and designations of which are formed by the addition of prefixes to the above basis.For example, kilowatts - is one thousand watts.On the physical level, this unit describes the work to be done during the time interval.Among the non-system units most widespread so-called "horsepower."This is because most of the power of the internal combustion engine is measured to date in these units.The ratio between the following - one horsepower is 735 watts and a half.Once defined with the units measured physical parameter, to answer the question of how to find the power in physics and electronics.


power in physics directly linked with another important parameter - work.The index serves as a necessary time.Essentially, the power can be determined by the work that is done for a certain period of time.Hence power calculation formula, which is as follows: N = A / t.In this formula, the following notation: N - power system units, and - work measured in joules, t - time in seconds.So, A shows the required amount of work, and N indicates that part of it, to be executed of the total, to have time to make it over the interval t.


In electrical engineering, unlike physics, everything is much easier.Both in theory and in practice.Theoretically, the same parameter shall be determined by the product of specific values ​​of current and voltage.That is, the formula is P = U * I. where P - is the power to all of the same watts.U - voltage, measured in volts, and I - current in amperes.The formula is universal, that is, this expression is true for both DC and AC.With it you can easily determine the power value for any machine.Moreover, in practice, only one device - the meter.First, the parallel measurements determine the voltage, and then the serial - current.Often, this way you can find the answer to the question of how to find the power of the engine.As an alternative to removing the power meter readings can be application.But such measuring equipment is very expensive, for this reason, it is not yet widespread.But multimeters already become part of our lives and every day are increasingly used.They also have great versatility that distinguishes them compared to other devices that are highly specialized.


article helps answer the question of how to find the power in physics and electrical engineering.In practical terms, in electronics This places a lot easier to identify.But if you want by using modern technical means possible to solve the problem of any complexity, in whatever sphere.