If the power cable is not connected

If you view the main topics of forums in which the problems with the work of local networks and the Internet, you can often find the statement "the network cable is not connected, although it is connected" and eternally related questions "Who is guilty?" And "what to do next?".

It is, in fact, not a question, but a real cry for help.Hard to believe, but a system message "network cable is not connected" is familiar to many (if not all) users.Its causes are different, so, though sometimes performance is restored by itself, in rare cases it is necessary not only to re-install the operating system, but also to change the network card.

Connecting a computer to the network via the Ethernet interface is currently one of the most popular.The advantages of this solution are obvious:

- Availability.Chips like network cards for many years set motherboard manufacturers on their products.There is no need, as before, specifically to buy a network card for the bus PCI.

- Reliability.No need to stub terminator precise impedance matching and advanced software algorithm to connect a cable to 100MB / 1GB to the network card, even without any special knowledge.In fact, a real Plug & amp; Play.

Why, with all the advantages of a message "network cable unplugged" forces users to search for the answer in the forums?It is really so complicated?

If you get to the description of the details, it becomes clear that the most frequent error, "the network cable is not connected" appears when using the Internet, not a local network consisting of multiple computers.That is, from the owner of the computer network card output cable "twisted pair" and routed to the nearest junction box selected ISP.This arrangement increases the number of possible reasons.

If the system says "the network cable is not connected," it means that the data packets that are sent to the card, do not reach the provider network device.Thus, there is no response packets with the acknowledgment.It is this circumstance and causes the message "network cable is not connected."Verification should begin with your own computer.We write procedures:

- Control Panel - Network control center - Change adapter settings.Here on the right connection click the right mouse button and select "Disable."After 5-10 seconds, just turn it all back.

- is extracted from the network card connector plug wires.We wait a few seconds and re-connect it - sometimes the problem is poor contact and thereby eliminated.

- The most common cause of malfunction caused by maintenance work on the equipment provider (for example, connect new users or change the switch).This temporarily shut off the power, as a consequence - the network is down.You just need to wait or call customer service to find out.

- Earlier this scourge providers working through a twisted pair, it was theft.Low voltage allowing fearlessly cut a piece of the cable line and quickly flee with him.Now, when the front door is securely installed doors, like it becomes a rarity.Although it can not be excluded.At a small length of the line you can see the status of its own.

- Sometimes the cable is damaged in the same apartment.Failed shifted furniture is easy to damage the wires.It is necessary to check and rectify the fault.

- Finally, it is useful to install the latest version of the network card driver.