I want to open a business, where to start?Business ideas for beginners.How to start a small business ?

Many wonder: "I want to start a business, but where to start?" Realizing that this business takes a lot of time and effort, people leave this pipe dream.They are much easier to work out 8 hours to go home, watch TV, scoring higher legs, drinking beer with friends and not think about nothing.Business owner have not so easy, it takes all my free time and causes the clock to think about its development.But there are those who are attracted to the business, since it's independence and implement their own ideas.

new kind of business projects

Getting to the point, you need to understand how to start a small business.Today, all over the world became popular look as startup.This activity has a little story with a short development time.This concept arose only when it began to appear all over the world a large number of IT-services company, has uzkoprofilnye needs of different businesses and a large middle class.These firms differ from their "brothers" that are looking for free space on the market.They do this in order to implement their experimental and cutting-edge technology.

Many people do not part with his thought: "I want to open a business, how to start?" They think, reflect and actively begin work.And they do it.For example, trade in various goods and services through a social network.This boom began a few years ago, but made a lot of interest among people who are actively involved in these projects.Because of these conditions, you do not need to spend your money on an expensive and unprofitable retail.No need to pay a large sum for rent, utilities and salaries to their subordinates.We just need to create a page on the social network and download the required image with the goods, their price, and then tell a lot of people.A social networking works fine, such a system as "word of mouth".Your friend took advantage of your product, and then told his friends.And your business will quickly generate a good income.

How to open a small business, how to start?

To obtain a loan to start a business - whether it be the traditional scheme or startup - You can use the banks that finance private enterprise.Unfortunately, the interest for business are too high, and not everyone will be decided on such an adventure.Thinking about your services, you need to know where to start.Firstly, an analysis.It is necessary to examine all of the industry: what are the new technologies that today was going on in their chosen field.For example, the future businessman is confident that his goods worth five cents, but if properly develop and teach the people, it will cost thousands.Only after such an analysis startup - a great circuit for starting a business.


necessary to answer another important question: "How to start a business from scratch?"The ideas may be different, it may be that you are able to do by hand, or what you want to do.For example, a franchise - this is when the entrepreneur buys the right to work under any brand.In addition, you will get help from the hosts in the opening and continuous quality control.Remember that there are some successful international and domestic companies operating on the franchise system.For example, the most recognizable fast food restaurant - "McDonald's", which has a large number of retail outlets worldwide.The owner of this network ensures quality for all products and the good work of its employees, to you, coming to some country, I felt the same taste, "Coca-Cola", "burger" or ice cream.All cashiers and waiters "McDonald's" - the most friendly people around the world.This is achieved by their trademark greeting, "Free cash" and demand for coffee pie that can not be broken, as it is part of the system.

Among domestic projects, there are franchise restaurants such as the "Yuppie", "Celentano", "Potato House".They have hundreds of outlets in our country and in the same way as in the "McDonald's", a unified set of dishes, marketing and design.

How to open a business

future entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about this question: "I want to open a business, to start me?"For example, you can open a barber shop, a restaurant or a store, bought with the franchise.Before the opening you need to thoroughly analyze the market, the competition and the work opened establishments.It will choose the services (goods) demand, whether purchasing a franchise competitive among other representatives.

Business Relationship

When starting a business can help business acquaintances.More often have to solve questions through a friend, who work in state bodies.Such connections can help to open and business development.It is also important to give complete information to consumers about the future of your services and products.For example, you produce concrete blocks, and for that you need to know about all future buyers in time to offer products at an attractive price.

Study Area

Today, you can easily start their own businesses.Business Ideas for Beginners may be different.Choose and you can start very quickly, as many are tired of the fact that live and work like everyone else.People want something new, unique products.They want to be different from their neighbors in everything: clothes, lifestyle, habits and priorities.Therefore, it has become fashionable to open small private shops with products from the farm or a special beauty salons for men only.

can also see such destinations as coffee.Barista working in this institution knows its visitors.Someone who likes coffee, and someone - a cappuccino on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays, and there are those who prefer holidays favorite dish.Such an individual approach to its customers - the success of the business.Therefore, wondering: "I want to open a business, to start, I do not know? - To start is to explore the territory. Then we can see what exactly is not enough people.

Choosing a business idea

Where else to look for ideas for beginners? CourseAlso in the industry in which you are familiar. For example, before you worked in the procurement of clothing for large chain stores. And now you know it's time to start a business with minimal investment. For this idea can be found in everyday life. On the InternetFull proposals for the sale of clothing. Perhaps in your area is too small children's things, and they are expensive.

In addition, not many people can afford to shopping in America or Europe, where quality product worth a penny. If you are wondering "I want to open a business, where to start can not imagine? "- an excellent option to create their own online clothing store where you can buy high-quality children's clothes at low prices.

Tourist business

This activity is becoming popular among entrepreneurs.Members want to open a travel business, where to start, they do not know.Despite greater competition, this type of activity is attractive for its efficiency in the first stage.If you decide to open a travel agency, you should be aware of some rules.

Law on Tourism identifies three types of activities for licensing:

  • travel agency activities.
  • tour operator activities.
  • Timeshare.

to open this kind of business, you need to follow certain requirements, which are set out in the Regulation on licensing of tour operator and travel agent activity.For this you need a room that can be rented, and hire employees.The license is issued as an ordinary individual entrepreneur or a legal entity (Company, Ltd. and so on.).For registration you need to pay a state fee of 400 rubles.You must then certify a copy of the passport and the signature of a notary, which costs about 600 rubles.Be sure to make a print, which will take about 200 rubles and get a code for the payment statistics to the treasury of the state.

Do not forget about the certificate for booking and sale of air transportation.Conditions for certification established by the federal aviation regulations.They include requirements for personnel, facilities, security and booking.If you want to sell their own tickets, you should sign a contract with the airline and obtain a certificate.

After all the necessary operations to find customers.There will advertising.Today, there are a huge number of advertising agencies.In order to somehow stand out from the large number of proposals for the beginning define the target audience for your travel agency.If you sell cruises at a high price, then advertising in cheap newspaper does not bring you customers.Choosing the right business publication or glossy magazines.Good effect bring special catalogs of tourism and recreation.Before you advertise in these media, to invent and develop its corporate identity storage.

What you need to start a business

Before you start your business, you need to choose a sphere of activity.Once the idea is fully explored and is ready to become a reality, you need to register your organization.For small business suits registration of individual entrepreneurs (SP).This form of taxation allows hiring up to 10 employees.You can also register up to six additional types of your activities.But remember that there are some that require a license.

business plan

Business ideas for beginners, there are diverse, and they all require the necessary tools - the business plan.Correctly composed this document will help to further your organization.It should include the study of the foundations of competitors, consumers and the market.In addition, it must include a complete marketing plan that will move your product.

business ideas to a certain amount

You have a free amount of money you want to invest in your business?Open a business to 100,000 rubles - it's easy.For example, if you know how to take good pictures, it would be an excellent idea.Today it became popular to be a photographer at weddings, various celebrations and individual shootings.To do this, you need to buy:

  • good camera.
  • Tripods.
  • lighting technology.

Advertising and small prices initially help you quickly find customers.Especially since every weekend, young people get married, and they just need a good photographer.

100,000 rubles you can buy coffee machines and put them in places where they will be popular.It may be institutions, hospitals, parking and so on. D. Do not forget that you have to address some issues relating to the lease, the permanent maintenance of the machine and others.

For girls perfect job Manicurist.This amount will be spent on training, advertising and the purchase of necessary materials.

Another option - a small company, making clothes.To open a business, you need to properly dispose of means.You need to purchase samples of materials and equipment.If you have a small apartment, then rent the room.If you do not have the skills of sewing, to hire the staff and be sure to advertise.

From your organization depends on a profitable business.You can arrange as described above, and it is possible to sign contracts with employees so they can work on their machines.And you'll only find customers for it and take a percentage.This is usually done in beauty salons and small salons.With this option, you do not have to spend money on advertising.If you think well, then every problem there is a solution.In any case, the business - this is a big risk.

Business projects

"Where else can you find business ideas for beginners?"- You ask.Many inexperienced entrepreneurs to help them more mature "colleagues" who have successfully developed their business.Thanks to their advice, you can make the first business plan for your own business or to find a franchise.Experts recommend to get round those activities are prevalent.For example, such as beauty salons, hairdressers, nail salons.The best choice would be those that have a little competitive.

Excellent activity - sales as a small business.Where to start, depending on each case.For example, sales of jewelry need to find a wholesaler whose prices are lower than others.In addition, and on the Internet, you can easily earn.Many people prefer to exchange trading, such as the "Forex".If you find this dense forest, you have to spend time learning.

To understand what kind of business you can start for you, your first vote their own.Being a good hockey player, you can not win in the game of bowling, based on the fact that these two types of activity - sports.Passion for the business depends on what you are familiar, where you know all the nuances of the market and are confident that they themselves will be given to the business by 100%.Remember that the profit is not immediately comes.It may take some time.This may be a month or two.This is especially true of primary business, which is the minimum invested funds.Given these conditions, as well as applying the tips, you turn your business into a profitable enterprise.Potential customers will be for you constantly.