Over how many hours and how many to sell alcohol in large Russian cities?

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Question reducing risk drinking is still relevant in our country.Recently regularly to make certain amendments to the laws governing the rules for the implementation of these goods.On the basis of approved documents in any organization, the profile of activities which are directly related to alcohol, indicated by how many hours and how many to sell alcohol, a fortress and to whom.Consider the basic rules of marketing "intoxicating", particularly regional laws, the responsibility for violation of the regime, as well as the views of governmental experts on this subject.

Approved Law timeframe trade in alcohol

procedure for the implementation of spirits and other rules regulating the issues in this area at the national level, were approved in 1995.Next time make changes in the law, the last of them - in July 2011. According to the adjustments, set a time limit for trading strong alcoholic beverages.With how much and how many hours to sell alcohol, rather, when you can sell it in stores, supermarkets and other public outlets?The prohibition applies only to night-time.Happy permission to sell works from 8.00 am to 23.00 pm.However, these restrictive measures have their own characteristics in different regions.Consider, for example, by how much and how many to sell alcohol in Moscow and other cities.

Regional laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol

Local governments have the right to make amendments to the law.Thus, while the sale of hard liquor in the Stavropol Territory is set from 10.00 to 22.00.Even more "hard" mode in St. Petersburg.There sale starts only at 11.00, another indicator is similar.And in the Moscow region to the "abbreviated" added morning and evening time limit (from 11 to 21).Innovations do not belong to the main cities of the country.In the capital, with how many and how many to sell alcohol?Moscow adheres nationwide timeframe.Exceptions to the general rule applies only to the annexed Crimea.How does the law in this area?

mode of sale of alcohol in the Crimea

So, in new regions with how many and how many to sell alcohol?2014 is a transitional period for the Crimea, so many laws to join the Russian Federation, the peninsula is still not fully apply, including prohibiting the sale of alcohol at night.This legal document will come into force on 1 January 2015. However, despite this, some of the Crimea has approved legislation alone, without waiting for the legal competence of federal authorities.With how much and how many to sell alcohol, for example, in Sevastopol?Back in May, and.about.governor of the city was signed and entered into force a law banning the sale of hard liquor at night from 23.00 pm to 8.00 am.

What is not covered by the ban?

The law states that you can not sell during the night of drinks only strong alcoholic beverages.Beer does not refer to that, so the interests of the fans froth liquid not infringed.This drink can be how to implement, and to buy at any time of the day.And are there any exceptions to the "intoxicating"?The organizations involved directly Catering (restaurants, cafes and so on. D.), Authorized the sale of spirits around the clock.But you can use it while directly only in the establishment, that is, "without carrying" out of bounds.It is not always complied with the rules of the sale.Is there any responsibility for violations, including for the sale of goods through online stores?

Responsibility for violation of the regime of temporary sale of alcohol and "virtual" turn

Unfortunately, many violate the rules, despite the substantial penalties for illegal sale.For the organization of its size from 50 to 100 thousand rubles.A "loss" personally head will cost at 5-10 thousand rubles.The law applies to Internet sales, where it is impossible to answer the question, how much and with how many to sell alcohol.In this case, punishable by any sale of alcoholic beverages at any time of the day.All of these restrictive regulations, stipulating the procedure for the sale of alcohol, unfortunately, very difficult to apply to Internet shopping, because authorization to this form of implementation does not exist.In some cases such trade allegedly not.Purchase virtually invited, for example, a lighter, and it's going to present alcohol.If you find evidence of e-commerce site implementer immediately blocked and the owner of IP-address shall be fined up to 1 million rubles.For officials its size is up to 50 thousand. Rub.

positive example to other countries

According to government experts need to make important amendments to the law regulating the time of the sale of spirits.For example, it is proposed to ban sale of alcoholic after 20.00 and at weekends.In addition, it rises the question of raising the age at which permitted to purchase "intoxicating", to 30 years.Some similar rules well established in Scandinavia.Over how many hours and how many to sell alcohol, for example, in Finland?In this country, its implementation is permitted only in specialized shops, which, by the way, at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is not working.On weekdays, an hour of opening - 9.00, and closing varies in different ways - from 18.00 to 20.00.Night implementation is only allowed in bars and restaurants.Such drastic measures, and certainly for our country would not have been superfluous.It is possible that while the majority would prefer to spend most weekends with family or friends in nature, but without the usual bottle of beer.