Coworking - what is it?

Nowadays, more and more growing importance of telework.Hundreds of thousands only in our country are engaged in programming, writing texts, layout of books and so on., While staying at home, and for needing only a computer and an Internet connection.

Many believe that to stay at home and "get easy money" is extremely simple, but it is not so.And it's not just the absence of sickness, holidays, and other self-evident office "buns", but also for the home.Household happens subconsciously difficult to realize that you are running.Kids at all difficult to explain, and personal study is not at all.

The best solution, of course, that in such circumstances, your productivity plummets.To help resolve this problem can coworking.What is it, incidentally?It's simple.So it called offer from any company or person holding the office space.That's what coworking.

you can reserve a place in it for a few hours, days, buy a monthly or annual subscription.The benefits are obvious: you have at your disposal the full job, where you will not interfere with work, and the number of distractions (like TV and refrigerator) will be reduced to a minimum.

These are the terms and means of coworking.What is it, if we talk about the possibility of opening their own business?If you live in a more or less big city, and the market is not yet saturated, it is - a great opportunity to make good money on the desire of people to work quietly away from the bustle of home.

Decide contingent

known that any human society is divided into hundreds of small sub-cultures, each of which - own views on life and their beliefs.What are we all talking about?Simply you must immediately decide on those to whom you will be guided by establishing its own coworking.What does it mean?

Visit Forums, pretend what category of "free cultivators" prevails directly in your case.It artists, designers, web programmers and SEOs?In any case, each of these categories need their conditions, but because of the universality of the right to forget.

However, there are common features.So, it is better to take care of a good space to relax, cool off with a fridge for drinks, comfortable furniture, a plasma screen with the game console.So you will motivate people to stay longer you spending to pay for your services more money.

What you need to open a coworking center?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the place.Ideally coworking center should be located as close as possible to the center of the city, as not all will go to the other end to some questionable neighborhood.The fact is that for a decent salary man in general can go to another city, but if he pays for the workplace, the situation is quite different ...

In addition to the creative and passionate people is not desirable to place the work zone in some small andstuffy room.The worst step - try to copy what some offices of large companies, separated by "zagonchik" hundreds of jobs.You need a room with high ceilings, large windows and a space large enough to accommodate comfortable sofas and office desk.Such co-working area itself will attract potential customers.

Forget the typical computer chairs for a couple of thousand!If so you have in mind to attract really paying customers normal purchase office furniture from good manufacturers.

Probably sensible to hire an administrator who can stop any potential conflict situations.So, immediately disable any noise and idle chatter: it will scare away serious clients.

How to start promotion of the project?

Few more specific business projects than the one which is the coworking.What does it mean?It's simple: of course, you can paste over the leaflets with your unique offer all the surrounding pillars, but the good of it will not be enough.

«hunt" for potential customers in social networks is picking up the group associated with the IT-infrastructure.Among them, there are always people who need a quiet workplace where they could devote all my strength work.Do not forget to create their own personal page on the network, it can be also a channel on YouTube, where you live will show all the suffering, what is the benefit of your workstation.Coworking project will be successful in this case.

Do not forget about selling links to your site, hosted on feature articles.After completing these steps, you can reasonably expect to attract its first visitors center.

not hiding anything!

immediately and most please describe in detail all the conditions of the lease of the workplace.Relevant information should not only to post on its website, but also directly in the office.It is desirable to specify some favorable preferential terms to customers were interested in the accumulation of bonus points and so on.Be sure to make a beautiful and original application form - creative people like this.

with large teams (developers of a promising project) can not agree at all about any particular rent and of a certain percentage of profits coming.In this case, you take care of all the difficulties with the organization of the working space and food, hoping to get a return in the future.A risky approach, but it can recoup itself.

What is included in the yield?

your income will consist of payments directly to the rental of office space for the needs of workers, reserving rooms for some seminars and lectures.In the first months it is imperative to provide additional services, otherwise you simply will not be able to survive in this market.

can occupy their own master classes (if there is something to tell), to combine the project with the hostel or entertaining cafes.In large cities start getting considerable profit can be in about a year, but the output of the project is real self-sufficiency in three or four months after its launch.Foreign kovorkery write that almost every such project that will stand afloat for more than two years, in any case, will be profitable is simply because of his own fame and achievements of their own constant customer base.

pricing policy should be thought through in advance

Firstly, just to digress: people you went and paid, you need to be open for as long as possible.Foreign co-working companies and at all times around the clock.Thus, even with 7 to 23 you will still be customers who do not mind to stay overnight.Provided copy of passport data and complete their responsibilities can hire a separate administrator and make a profit on some night tariff.

general approach to payment is strictly individual.You can concentrate on the regular customers, but it really set the hourly wage for all.For regular customers need to make special passes, you can select them especially good jobs.Do not expect a quick return on investment, as even in Moscow and St. Petersburg, some entrepreneurs took to her only a couple of years (and sometimes even three years).

Typically, coworking in Moscow (monthly subscription) and other major cities can cost 10-12 thousand rubles, but in regions of even four thousand is not always possible to find customers.Many people prefer to pay a couple of hundred for an hour or two to complete the work of an important project, you buy a permanent ticket that they are not always necessary.

of what constitutes costs?

Firstly, the cost of the lease.It is difficult to say anything for sure, but you yourself imagine that rents space in the city center - very expensive pleasure.You can remedy the situation by finding the owner of a building not too presentable, then to make repairs on their own.

Despite the complexity, sometimes it is ten times more profitable to lease the finished office building.Initially, you need to focus on jobs for 10-15 people, but be prepared for what is the number of clients you type is not immediately.After coworking - it is especially individual case, so you can recruit people for a long time.So do not get discouraged right away, do not expect instant influx of customers!

Consider fees for electricity, water and other utilities.Naturally, the business plan coworking center must take into account the payment of the Internet, and you will enter into a contract on behalf of the company, so the price is rather big (at least 30,000).In short, for the opening of the center you will probably need at least one million rubles.

What documents are required?

There is nothing particularly complex.Firstly, please register your IP.In addition, you will need to lease premises, contracts with suppliers of electricity and water, as well as with your ISP.Everything you need can be obtained in just a month.

Thus, coworking - is a relatively risky business, but the possible gains are worth it!