A set of exercises for physical education (general developmental)

in any school, in addition to accurate and humanities, physical education there.Like it or not, and no sports, no child can develop fully and become a beautiful and healthy adult.A set of exercises for physical education, which is offered at school, aimed at the development of all muscle groups.The load may increase as children get older, but the operating principle is the same.

Why listen to the teacher?Many children

complex general developmental exercises in gymnastics seems hard labor.Especially girls are often not willing to follow the instructions of the teacher and perform every task with minimal impact.If your child comes into this category, we recommend initially talk to her daughter.Explain to the child that the sport - is the foundation of a beautiful figure, and the sooner it will begin to work on yourself, the healthier, more beautiful and perfect will in the future.Once you reach a compromise for practical homework, take an ordinary school exercise program on physical culture.As a rule, in educational institutions such lessons are held twice a week.Two more days you can allocate to study at home.In order to captivate the child, includes music, start a little competition, are encouraged to progress.Very soon you will notice that the girl happily waiting for the day when the schedule will be "fizre."

Clothing is also important

Before we present you a set of exercises for physical education classes at home, pay attention to what clothes will deal with the child.Firstly, the suit should be comfortable.Before buying, ask the child to raise his hands, legs, bend - the seams should not hamper the movements.The second aspect - is the material.Synthetics should be a maximum of 5 percent.Thirdly, the physical shape is selected depending on the season.For the winter it must be trousers and a sweatshirt, and in the spring and early autumn have to deal with a T-shirt and shorts.After all the technical issues you survived, do not forget about aesthetics.It is important to form the child liked, especially if you have a girl.It should be suitable color, silhouette, length and width.Then she will be happy to change clothes in front of each physical exercise.

Why schools are developing systems?

As a rule, classes in each school is formed of a child whose physical and mental abilities are at the same level.Then the selected set of general developmental exercises in gymnastics, where the degree of the load varies depending on the age of the members of the team.Sami exercises remain the same (and sometimes add new), only increased regulations.Also note that a set of exercises in physical education does not require advance preparation.But later, when the regular performance of his, a person (including a child) will be easier to learn martial arts, gymnastics, dance, swimming and other more serious sports.

start with warm-up

necessary to warm up the whole body, before starting to perform a set of exercises.Warm up by exercising starts with pan and tilt head.So we mash the neck muscles.Then run swings his arms and legs.It is also important to develop a part of the body and pelvis.To do this, run leaned forward and backbends.Finish the workout you can by rolling from toe to heel.To warm up and some teachers use walking and jogging in place.

cardio school

Today, the term is most often found in fitness centers, but we have forgotten that it is in the school gymnasium taught us the basics of the science.Any school exercise program on physical education is to get the baby's heart beat more often, which, in turn, accelerate blood circulation, thus, improve the condition of the whole organism.How can our children offer to perform cardio?Very simple!Firstly, it is running.It may be a long crosses (in the summer), a shuttle races, a sprint speed, and more.The second way to make your heart beat faster - a jump rope.As a rule, students are jumping at the timer and the minute you need to get done from 50 to 90 jumps.Over the next jump rope in length and height.

Power loading for muscle growth

hardest thing for young students - a performance of strength training, especially if they do not run parallel to the preparation of special sections.And most adults just remember this set of exercises for physical education.The table below shows us how to work on a specific muscle group, the maximum pumping it and straining.Such programs are offered by experts on fitness and weight loss.And if the implementation of standard exercises to add weights, then it will be bodybuilding.

Strength training
chest and shoulders push-ups, the girls can perform on bent knees
upper press Lifting arms in the prone position, knees bent
Lower press rise straightfeet from a prone position
hamstring and buttocks Lifting the pelvis in the prone position, knees while bent
front of the thigh Squats and lunges forward

Stretching - the important thing for boys andgirls

Unfortunately, most of today's students can not boast the ability to sit on the splits, to stand on the bridge and literally folded in half.Because in general developmental program has a special set of gymnastic exercises for physical education.Each student, of course, will not be able fizruk teach all the tricks of stretch marks, but will be able to slightly increase the degree of plasticity of children.To this end, the lessons of the following exercises:

  • tumbling.Do they have to be back and forth, double, triple.
  • After the flop you must sit on polushpagat.The leg that is behind to be twisted and straightened at the knee.
  • bridge from a prone position.
  • Butterfly.If the child does not get low enough to lower the knees, the teacher can have a slight pressure for better results.
  • curls.From a seated position the child tilts the torso and extends her hands to the feet.

Combining different categories

often as accelerated and more effective training programs beg exercises in which present and stretching, and work on the muscles.Perform them very easy.And now, some of them, which is most often the children do in school, we consider:

  • Pulling.Pump the shoulder muscles, strengthening the wrist, while the back is stretched.
  • exercises on uneven bars.Here children perform somersaults, sit on polushpagat, hold the balance, representing a swallow.It is important to keep the center of gravity and keep hands and feet behind bars.
  • Walking with attacks.In this case, we combine strength training and cardio.Inflate the muscles thighs and buttocks, while quickens the heartbeat and breathing.