Effective diet for 4 days

There is no woman in the world that did not reflect at least once in a lifetime of dieting.In a world of so many different diets, and each pursues his goal.Some of the most popular - a quick diet, whose purpose - to lose a certain amount of kilos for a small period of time.

Fast diet

Typically, these diets are called diets actresses, models and dancers.Because they constantly need to keep in shape, but sometimes there are situations when an urgent need to throw a little overweight.Plus these diets is that they do not occupy a lot of time, they do not need to spend a lot of money.

diet for 4 days

effective and very well-known actor's diet for 4 days for weight loss, also called mono-diet restricts calories and completely excludes from the diet of sugar and salt.

So acting diet:

  • Day 1. Eat only need rice, and tomato juice drink it.Tomato juice must not contain salt or sugar, and brown rice, it is desirable to select, although fit and normal.
  • Day 2. You can drink kefir and eat cottage cheese with low fat content.The amount ingested is not limited.Wash down with clean water only.
  • Day 3. You can eat boiled meat.It is best to choose a diet of beef, chicken or turkey.The day should begin with green tea without sugar.
  • Day 4. A day to drink a bottle of red wine and eat only cheese.Those who do not drink alcoholic beverages, wine can replace orange juice.

However, finishing the wine diet is not always good.Firstly, stretching even a bottle of wine a day, you can easily get drunk, and if it is a working day, then come to work with the smell of alcohol and diet will explain this a little strange.Therefore, there are a few recipes that are variations of the original actor's diet, but without the alcohol.A common feature of each method is a ban on the use of water on the last day.

Recipe 1: rice, yogurt, shrimp, watermelon.
Recipe 2: rice, yogurt, beef, apples.
Recipe 3: rice, yogurt, fish, grapes.

diet with coconut milk

many known beneficial properties of coconut milk and coconut in general, but not many people know about his ability to burn excess weight.Here lies a number of tricks.Firstly, it plays an important role the chemical composition of coconut, and second, no less important is the structure of coconut.Do not be scared coconut diet for 4 days: Slimming there will need to be not only the coconut.

Firstly, we must understand that weight, which left very soon come back.After all, to achieve a stable effect is necessary to completely change the diet.Secondly, such a diet can lead to the fact that the body begins to stock up food for the future, since such a diet can be stressful for the body.

Useful properties of coconut

As part of the coconut milk and there is a huge amount of nutrients: vitamins E and is a C, fructose, cellulose, and a number of minerals.Coconut oil has many exceptional properties.At 50% it consists of lauric acid, which is known for its antioxidant properties.Furthermore, a substance that has a lipolytic activity.The structure of coconut
useful in that in order to chew a piece of it, you need to work hard.In the process of chewing activates salivation and reflex and the separation of digestive juices and enzymes that improve digestion 4 times.But even with prolonged chewing remain small pieces of coconut, and they consist of fibers.As a result, they swell and fill the space of the stomach.Therefore, eating a small amount of coconut, can be a long time to feel the sweet saturation.

coconut diet Recipe:

  • 1 day: at breakfast need to eat half a coconut pulp, including milk, 2 tablespoons of boiled rice.First comes the rice with milk, and after 15 minutes - the very flesh.At lunch you must eat up to one hundred grams of cheese and wash it down with green tea without sugar.Dinner consists of flesh, milk (coconut residues) and partial plate of rice.
  • Day 2: morning of the second day of the first povoryaet.Lunch - cheese 5% fat, 150 grams.Dinner - same as lunch.
  • Day 3: Morning - polkokosa and 60 grams of rice (3-4 tablespoons).Lunch - 2 cups of green tea.Evening - the remaining half of the coconut flesh and milk, 2 tablespoons of rice, 50 grams of cheese.
  • Day 4: morning - 2 tablespoons of rice and polkokosa.Lunch - the second half of the coconut.Evening - low-fat cottage cheese, 120 grams.

All the main products of this diet is a dietary.Cheese should take a low-fat, and rice should be just white, brown because poorly digested and, together with coconut will not very positive effect.Green tea should be strong brew.If during the day there was a feeling of hunger, you should drink coconut milk.In the store it is sold concentrated, so it is best to dilute.No more than two glasses a day.The coconut diet allows for 4 days throw from 3 to 6 kg of weight.

Diet "fruits and vegetables"

This simple diet for 4 days.Minus 4 kg at the end of it, you can see exactly.

1 day.Morning - salad pepper cucumber, without adding salt, season with 1 tablespoon of oil (olive or flaxseed).You can drink a glass of green tea.A little later allowed to eat an orange.At lunch you can eat steamed fish or chicken with a side dish of vegetables, you can make a salad.Snack - a couple of apples or kiwi.For dinner, better to prepare zucchini ragout with tomatoes and eggplants and lettuce.

2 day.Morning - a salad of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes with herbs and butter.A cup of green tea.As a snack, drink a couple of cups of yogurt.Lunch - again vegetables, are now baked, soup and vegetables necessary with the addition of celery.Snack - a couple of cucumbers.Dinner - stew with herbs, tea without sugar.

3 day.Morning - a light salad of several fruits and 150 grams of yogurt, apple (preferably green).Lunch - salad with berries and fruit with yogurt dressing, tea without sugar.Snack - a couple of Kiwi.Evening - two small fruits such as pear and orange.You can end the day with a glass of 1% kefir.

4 day.It repeats the first day.

Protein or protein diet for 4 days

This eating plan is another option diets for 4 days, an effective tool in this period will be moderate exercise, you should refrain from heavy.

1 day.Morning - 1-2 tablespoons of ground bran, 6-7, pine nuts, a glass of 1% kefir.Dinner - 200 grams of cottage cheese with fat content of 5%.Evening - 200 ml of yogurt or warm milk.Between meals it is recommended to drink water at room temperature and cold green tea.

2 day.The morning - scrambled eggs for a couple of 4 eggs with the addition of herbs, 2 slices of tomato and 200 grams of white meat.Dinner - a piece of salmon on a couple without spices with a little salt, you can cook the fish on the grill.Snack - boiled beef no more than 100 grams and a small cucumber.Dinner - again, a couple of fish, no more than 300 grams.

3 day.Morning - 1-2 tablespoons of ground bran, a couple of eggs, cooked boiled.Dinner - 180 grams of cheese and a glass of 1% kefir.Dinner - 300 grams of boiled beef or lamb (remove grease).

4 day.The day you need to eat a kilogram of chicken breast without salt.You can have a snack greens and meat for flavor taste with lemon juice.

Similar to egg protein diet for 4 days, minus 4 kg the results of which will please many women.All the products are the same, just need to replace the milk, meat and fish eggs.

low-calorie diet

contraindicated in people with gastritis and colitis.

1 day: all day to drink 1.5 liters of tomato juice and a liter of milk 2.5% and 4 zarnovyh eat bread (preferably rye).

Day 2: during the day to eat a couple of mashed bananas, a kilogram of apples and one spoon of honey.

Day 3: day allowed to eat 4 egg whites, a spoonful of bran, ground to a powder, and then drink all you need a liter of yogurt.

Day 4: salad, consisting of finely chopped cabbage, fresh beet (1 piece), carrots, grated on a coarse grater (3 pieces), grated apple green (4 pieces), a pair of spoons cake pine nuts.Dressing is one teaspoon of honey.Eat all the salad you need in several stages (4 to 6).

Completion diet

Out of the above-mentioned any diet should be done gradually.It is strictly forbidden to rub fat, fried, sweet, flour.There is all possible, but in small quantities.The diet after diet sure to include steamed vegetables and a variety of cereals.In addition, often sit on such a diet is not necessary, once a month is enough to keep in shape and not too exhaust your body.

Fast diet got a lot of different reviews, both good and bad.But most of the diet for 4 days, which in the majority of the reviews are positive, brings good results.However, be aware that any special diet can have undesirable consequences.